Do I truly need it?

Guest blog by Unshopping Challenger and Yerdle Staff, Dina Beigelman

This challenge came along at an amazing time for me. I updated my budget in March, vowing to save money and pay off debt, so an April challenge to stick to it and not buy new things was too good to pass up. An entire month where I can’t buy anything new? Perfect! As an employee at Yerdle, I’ve participated in campaigns before, but this one was quite different. It’s one thing to post over a weekend or during a posting party, it is entirely another to dedicate yourself to something for a month. At work, I’m surrounded by inspirational stories from our community every day. I see how Yerdle impacts people’s lives and brings them together, but I never expected this experience to be so profound for me.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had great luck both in sticking to my budget and Yerdling for what I need. What I didn’t expect was to enter into an internal philosophical debate about how I relate to all the things I own. Every day I wake up and look around my apartment at all the stuff in it. My new lens has slowly but surely been focusing in on what I actually need versus what I hold on to just because I don’t question why it’s still around. I think it’s a form of sensory adaptation we all experience: you get used to seeing all the accumulated clutter over time and never really question why it’s there.

I am so thankful for this mental shift. Now I am Yerdling all the items hiding in drawers, in closets and behind furniture, sending them along to new homes where they will actually be used. More than that though, I will be carrying this new insight forward, and next month when I starting buying things again, I’ll think carefully about each purchase and truly know whether or not I need to make it.