Everything you need to know about our SF ShareSpot


Alright, yerdlers, let's break down the ins and outs of our ShareSpot in downtown SF.


Located right in yerdle HQ, our ShareSpot is an experiment in building a community store. This is meant for dropping off items that are already won, and picking up won items.

Where and when? 


9:30 AM - 6:30 PM


82 2nd Street

2nd Floor

San Francisco, CA


Bonus: It also saves shipping money, gas, and packaging--which we think is pretty cool. In order to make it work, here's the essential rules of the ShareSpot to keep things neat and tidy:


Items we can take at the ShareSpot: 


1. Items that already have a winner -  Drop these off at our ShareSpot, label it, and put in a yerdle bag for the winner to pick-up. Make sure you give someone at yerdle a heads up that you're dropping it off, so we can check it into our system and let your winner know it's here. If we don't know it's here, we can't let your winner know!


2. Items that need to be shipped - We've got all the supplies you need to come and pack your boxes here.   Once you've packed them up with shipping labels, FedEx will pick them up from our office.





Items we can't take: 


1. In-Progress Auctions - If your item doesn't have a winner yet, we can't hold it here. Items from auctions that are still in-progress should stay at home with you until they're won. sharespot4


2. Packing your items - We've got a packing station all set up with boxes and supplies galore, and you're welcome and encouraged to use it. We can't package items for you, there are simply just too many!



Can't wait to see all of you at our sweet ShareSpot!