Five biggest don'ts for fashion photos

Five biggest don'ts for fashion photos

Hey, yerdlers, so we recently broke down how to perfectly display your clothes on yerdle. On the flipside, I thought we’d go over the biggest don’ts in fashion photos, so you can avoid these faux pas at all costs to really make your pictures pop. I've created a little display made up of some horrifying pictures I took myself for examples, in addition to some that I found on yerdle. Let’s break it down, shall we?

1. Blurry photos

These can be a major deal-breaker. Fuzzy or blurry photos make your post look both sloppily thrown together and extremely hard for viewers to even get a good idea of what your item looks like.

photo 2

Remember, this is something that they may be wearing--it’s absolutely essential for a viewer to have an accurate depiction of what their clothes are going to look like in person.

2. Dark photos:

Your viewers are scrolling through countless items, so it’s imperative that your item’s picture can stand out in a crowd. A dark photo will easily be glazed over, preventing many potential bidders from ever seeing your item.

photo 3

Similarly to fuzzy photos, poorly lit photos make it extremely hard to see what's going on with your garments.

3. Cut off portions:

This is also major--I can’t tell you how many garments I come across that cut off huge portions of the garment in the pictures.

photo 3 (1)

Showing your item means showing the whole item--not a sweater without its sleeves, or pants from the knee up.


Close-ups on certain areas are encouraged, just be sure to include at least two photos that capture your garment in its entirety.

4. Wrinkled or folded garments

Okay, talk about fashion emergency! Neglecting to iron out severely wrinkled clothes is fashion photo sabotage.

photo 5

Clothes that are folded fail to show the entirety of the garment.


5. Lack of sizing:

Knowing the size is absolutely crucial for a viewer. Have you ever walked into a store and bought something without even checking the size?

photo (2)

If your item has a size tag that's hard to capture in the photo, just be sure to include this information in the description.


Well, there you have it, folks. The most important thing to remember overall is that photos are king when it comes to sharing online. When you take a photo, a good question to always ask yourself before you post is "would I bid on this?"

On the bright side, all of these fashion photo mishaps

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are easy to avoid and simple to fix--I have utmost faith in all of you dutiful yerdle fashion students!


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