Foolproofing Your Logistics: Important points for in-app posting

pink bubble wrap

pink bubble wrap We want to keep the sharing process as simplified as possible. Being clear about your item's logistics is the best way to prevent any hiccups in the final exchange.

Here's a few crucial factors to note when posting your items in-app.


1. Choose shipping and/or pickup, or just pickup.

When you post an item, it automatically selects both the pickup and shipping options. If you're item is too big to ship, or you'd just like to bypass the shipping process, here's how to make it pickup only:

  • After uploading your photos, hit "next" and you'll be taken to this page. Click on "Logistics: Pickup and Shipping"pickupandshipping
  • You'll be directed here, which shows that both "Local Pickup" and "Willing to Ship" are selected. pickupandshippingselect
  • Simply un-select "Willing to Ship", and your item will then be listed for local pickup only. willingtoship

Note: Pickup only items will only be seen by members within a 50 mile radius to you.


2. Select your shipment size.

This will determine the price for shipping.

shipping size

The pricing works like this: Large Envelope = $2, Small Box = $3, Medium Box = $4

Note: Anything that cannot fit in a medium box (the size of a basketball) cannot be shipped through yerdle. These items must be listed as pickup only.


These small details can be pretty major when it comes to closing your transactions successfully. Happy yerdles :)