Four New Sharing Economy Apps We Love

The sharing economy, a term coined during the early 2000s, describes a model of commerce based around peer-to-peer transactions either gifting or selling goods or services. Yerdle is rooted in the idea of a sharing economy and see it as an excellent way to reevaluate our relationship with stuff. As we’re so immersed, we keep an eye open for new and interesting apps and services that we feel excited about. Here are four companies that we are excited to share.

On a business trip or vacation and want to earn a little extra using your luggage space? Grabr allows you to act as a courier to anywhere you’re going. Users can request an item from anywhere in the world and a member headed your way can accept your request, pick up the item, and deliver it to you once they’ve reached your location.

Need a bike rental for the day? Maybe you’re going on a ski trip and want some gear a little nicer (and less expensive) than what you can rent at the slopes? Spinlister might just be the site you’re looking for. Founded in 2014 as a bike sharing program, they’ve recently expanded into ski and surf supplies too. With a nice selection and easy pricing it’s a great way to either rent or make a little extra from your unused sporting goods.

Camp In My Garden is similar to Airbnb in that it offers space for you to set up your tent in a member’s backyard. While this typically wouldn’t sound appealing, some of these backyards are downright beautiful and spread all over across the globe. For example, for 7 Euros a night, you can camp out in Castelvetrano, Italy in the middle of an ancient olive grove.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you would agree that parking can be a hassle. Luckily there is a new app to help with finding convenient parking. Kirb allows users to list their personal parking spots or driveways on the app for others to use. New members park for free and listings can earn those with parking spots up to $1000 a month. It’s currently limited to the greater LA area, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it expand into other urban areas.