Four Tips On Getting A Jump Start On Your Halloween Costume

With summer passing and the wind starting to get a little chilly, some might be disappointed. Not here at Yerdle. All we have on our mind is our most favorite, craftiest holiday or the year! Halloween has always been a time for digging into our closets and our creative spirit, and while Halloween is still two months away, we’re already brainstorming our newest costume. From our resident Halloweenies, here are some of our suggestions on making the most out of your next costume:

Pick A Theme and Start Brainstorming
Have a favorite movie? Book? Pasta dish? That’s the first step in making a great costume and why starting early is a great idea. Once you know what you want, start thinking about what supplies you are going to need and get hunting.

Get Some Guidance
Sometimes it’s hard to scare up a good idea for a costume. Luckily, the internet is a great resource for finding unique and interesting costume ideas. One of our favorite sites for finding great costume ideas is Whether you’re looking for something simple or complex, you’ll find it on Instructables.

Think inside the box
Being on Yerdle, we know that we all have a lot of experience with cardboard boxes. What’s not to love though? Cardboard is one of the best costuming materials out there. You son want’s to be a transformer? Cardboard. A knight? Cardboard. Robocop? Cardboard! Just make sure to keep some boxes for shipping on Yerdle!

Yerdle it!
Yerdle is a great resource for costume materials, as well as costumes that are ready for a new home. Check out our new Halloween collection for costumes, supplies, and decorations to get you ready for the big night. Have an old costume you’re ready to pass on? Simply post it with #Halloween to add it to the collection