Free it Up this Black Friday! Celebrate Reuse with Yerdle and Patagonia


Two years ago, we launched Yerdle on Black Friday as the antidote to hyper-consumption. We dreamt then of a world where people don’t shop new by default, but rather truly use and enjoy good things, and then pass them along. Partnering with Patagonia has meant a huge step forward in realizing the vision that we both share.

Yerdle is the store where people redeem the value of their idle items and find the best prices on earth in the process. The more you set free in exchange for Yerdle Credits, the more you have to spend on what others are setting free.

Patagonia is the absolute leader in boldly calling on shoppers not to buy what isn’t necessary. Their “Don’t Buy This Jacket” advertising message sounded about as wild as our mission (to reduce by 25% what we all need to buy new) even a couple short years ago. Today, however, the call to Use It or Free It arrives at a time when the wisdom of reuse is a hallmark of the mainstreaming Sharing Economy. It arrives when the 2014 Yerdle is a vibrant community full of smart souls, who are putting thousands of things back into productive use a week.

We were so proud to partner with Patagonia last year on Black Friday. This year, we’re blowing it up across the country with events in eight marquis Patagonia stores and an in-app party that last through the holidays.

Yerdlers will be on location around the country running swap parties in these 8 Patagonia stores on Black Friday. Patagonia customers will bring in Patagonia-like things to swap and they’ll either get something else right there, or redeem them for Yerdle Credits. If you live nearby one of these cities, come on by! It’ll be the best shopping experience you ever had on a Black Friday.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 2.19.46 PM

As we said, we’re going to keep the party going. Patagonia gear was made to journey long and tell tales, and Yerdlers are in it for the journey, the joy, and the good stories too! From now through December 25th at 11:59pm there are two ways to contribute to the Patagonia #wornwear Collection and earn bonus credits.

  • On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: post a photo, haiku, homage, or well-worn story of a Patagonia moment with the hashtags #wornwear, #Yerdle, tag @Yerdle and you'll get 50 bonus "Yerdle credits"
  • On Yerdle: post a Patagonia item on Yerdle with the hashtag #Patagonia, and you'll get an extra 50 "Yerdle credits" when your item is won.

Post Joy this Holiday Season with Patagonia and Yerdle.