From Landfill Bound to Daily Essentials

Passion for Yerdle stems from a number of places; it's always fascinating to discover what empowered a community member to approach consumption differently. This is Michelle's story: 

"It's amazing to me to think an interview on The Story of Stuff podcast last May, would encourage me to ship my unwanted goods around the country in exchange for things I would use on a daily basis. As an aspiring minimalist, I try to yerdle with purpose. Meaning that if I get an item, it has to serve a particular need.  Occasionally, I yerdle compulsively.  So this past weekend, I was perusing my "in use" list for things that I no longer need, and, I realized some of my items I use on a daily, if not, regular basis. These items pictured below are used throughout the week. It's amazing to think that at one point in time, these items were sitting unused in someone's home, and, possibly destined for the landfill. Some of my yerdled items,  like the Jeep spare tire cover, needed a little repair, but the money I saved overall makes yerdle community invaluable to me.  So, thank you to Yerdle and community of Yerdlers for being part of the solution to the take-make-waste problem."

- Michelle V.

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