Fully Stock Your Kitchen for Under $100

kitchen Kitchens are a pretty special place. Think about it...where does the party always

end up?

But kitchens can also be a very expensive place. With all of the tools, appliances and specialty equipment, you can easily spend thousands of dollars building out your dream kitchen. Especially if you fall victim to some of the more ridiculous things out on the market, like a banana slicer!?

However, a savvy shopper can get their dream kitchen for much less. Here are some quick tips to getting all the items you need for your perfect kitchen.

Family & Friends

Your family and friends is a great place to start. Most people have extra stuff (it's why we started yerdle) and a quick email to your BFFs

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could save you hundreds of dollars. Even if they're looking to be compensated, your family and friends will probably give you the best deal.

If not, you might want to reconsider who you call a friend! :-/


We of course love helping you get the items you need. In fact, we created a whole Kitchen Party specifically for the occasion.

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Just go to yerdle.com to download the app and look for the parties. You'll find mini refrigerators, coffee makers, toaster ovens, ice cream makers, and even a cake pop machine. That's hundreds of dollars worth of stuff just right there...free!

If the item you want is near by, you can just go pick it up. If not, shipping is usually available depending on the item. So it's a lot like Amazon without that pesky price tag thing.


Craigslist is another great site for nabbing free items or even heavily discounted items. Of course, with Craigslist you have to pick it up and you never really know much about the person you are getting it from. Just keep that in mind.

But you can find great deals there.

Thrift Stores

If you have the time, thrifting is another option for finding great stuff. And it's nice that you can do it all in one spot. Thrifting is best for the little things. You can easily tell if a plate is broken say versus a microwave. So it's wonderful for bakeware, plateware, glassware and other -wares.

So now you know the "wheres," let's talk about how. First off, start with your friends and family. They will have extra stuff. Then jump onto yerdle and get the rest or at least most of it. The new version of our app makes it super simple to nab the goods you want. And whatever you cannot find there, then hit the pavement for your local thrift store. Pretty easy, huh?

With a little bit of savviness, you can stock your whole kitchen for under $100 bucks.