Furever Thankful: The Chick with Pits, Inc.

The Yerdle community is passionate about being part of something larger; wishing to go beyond our mission to decrease waste, the Yerdle Fund was born. It gives community members the opportunity to repurpose the stuff they don't need and change the world. Kristin, the Cause Leader for The Chick with Pits, tells us how the community played a role in rehabilitating animals:

Our experience with the Yerdle Fund has been phenomenal! As a small up-and-coming animal rescue, it is crucial that we spend sparingly and strategically so that we may focus our attention on medical care. We rehabilitate many animals with medical needs, so when I found out our rescue was selected as a Yerdle Fund grant recipient, I was overjoyed!  From the start, the community came together quickly to see that our wish list needs were met. Within the first few days we received: 7 pet beds, multiple leashes, collars, food, and more. This is all on top of over 100 lbs of blankets and towels donated by the Pro Yerdler community a few weeks before! 

While many would think their random pet items are trash or hold no value, to our rescue they have become pure gold. To a dog that has been chained outside its whole life, that used pet bed is the equivalent to heaven!  And to the animal that has been neglected, a soft toy and a warm towel after a bath, is a welcomed change. Thank you Yerdle and the community for helping us, and continuing to bring in the donations! The donations have allowed us to significantly cut back costs on everyday items such as shampoo and food (it all adds up quickly)! 

 All of our rescues are thankful and appreciative for your giving hearts! Yerdle has become a much bigger part of our rescue than we could ever imagine and we are fur-ever thankful for all of your paw-someness!

- Kristin Klahn
The Chick With Pits Yerdle Fund Cause Leader