Get #TinyHouse Happy: 5 for $50

#TinyHouse Yerdling can help you live the #TinyHouse dream! Simplify your space and clear your clutter. Whether you want to put a little home on wheels and hit the road, move into an architectural masterpiece in 250 square feet, or just love the feeling of an efficient and simple space, we're helping you get rid of what you don't need and find the things you do. Post 5 items between Friday 3/13 and Sunday 3/22 and you’ll receive a bonus of $50 in Yerdle dollars! Items must be won by 3/29 to qualify.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Post at least 5 items starting at 9AM PST on Friday 3/13 through Sunday 3/22 at 11:59PM PST and use #TinyHouse in the description
  • Items must be won by 3/29
  • Yerdle dollars are only won for the first 5 items, but feel free to post more!
  • Yerdle dollars will be awarded by 4/5

Here are a few suggested items to post:

  • Kitchen things (Coffee grinders, blenders, extra pots and pans! Spatulas, mixers, spoons, sporks and more! Think tiny kitchen and tackle a cluttered drawer.)
  • Home goods (Blankets, baskets, random containers, appliances that wouldn't make it in your ideal tiny kitchen but that might be perfect for someone else.)
  • Closet things (Whatever you haven't worn recently, get rid of it - you don't need it! Clothes, shoes, belts, scarves, bags! Take an overflowing drawer and tiny-fy it!)
  • Books (Read and pass it on! Make someone's day with a romance novel set or a Hunger Games bundle)
  • Electronics & Games (headphones, chargers, all those old keyboards!, nintendo! playstation! phones, consoles, board games--monopoly of every kind, e-readers, chess & checkers, card games, role playing games, etc.)
  • Hobbies & DIY (crafts, crafts, crafts, glue guns, fabric, sewing stuff!)
  • Spring cleaning things (Spring is coming! Start clearing out all the winter gear you've outgrown, and get a perfect few things for spring instead.)

Want even more #TinyHouse love? Take the Yerdle #TinyHouse quiz and find out:

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