Gettin' Crafty: A DIY Halloween with a yerdley twist

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  Hey yerdlers, have YOU picked out your costume yet? If the answer is no, take a cue from this awesome and crafty yerdler, Sylvie.

Every year she and her family come up with wonderful thematic costumes, all of which are made by hand from materials she found either laying around her house or while shopping around at Salvation Army, Creative Reuse (, and yerdle!

Check out what she created last year:

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How did she get to this point? Read below for her story:

“Robots was my oldest son’s idea. We sat down talked about how he'd like his robot costume to look and we drew it together.


My Rosie costume was a fun one! For the head... i spent a lot of time at the Creative Reuse store on Telegraph [in Oakland]. I found some records (for the sides) and posters (for the the circular head). I wrapped the poster board around the records so the poster would keep its shape. i stapled all the way around the sides, slipped the records in and stapled all around again to keep the records in. Then I paper mached it all into place [and] spray painted it!


The top of Rosie's head is foam board and the antenna on each side are chopsticks and form balls! The clothes were the easy part! I bought the shirt at Salvation Army and the skirt was in my closet for YEARS never worn. I bought a couple sheets of white felt, cut it and sewed it on! The front of the shirt- i sewed velcro on the shirt and on the felt so i could get the shirt on and off! I had a great time with these creations.


I worked on these costumes for a few hours almost every night for 2 solid months!! The boys costumes were roughly $20 total and mine was about $10! I love teaching my boys that you can make super cool stuff out of things we would normally throw away or better yet recycle!”

We think this is just too cute, and it’s a wonderful lesson about the merits of reuse. Way to go Sylvie!

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