Give your stuff a vacation

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Give Your Stuff a Vacation Header.001 We’re kicking off July with a month long contest, all around sending your stuff "on vacation." What does that mean? Well, just like we humans yearn to travel, experience something new, and minimalize - we bet your stuff does too. Think of all the amazing adventures your stuff could have in a new life! Sounds much better than gathering dust in the garage, right?

Here's where it gets fun: Every week during July, take a moment to declutter by posting summer-related items, and send them off to a new home.

The top 3 most "liked" items shared each week

(according to our fun themes)

Will win 500 bonus credits

To participate, follow these simple steps:

1. Post items that relate to our weekly themes

2. Include #sharingsummer in your description

3. Every week we'll pick 3 winners whose posts earned the most "likes" (pink heart button), and they'll receive 500 bonus credits each

Keep reading for more details.

WEEK #1 — FAMILY VACATION — July 1st-7th

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Picnics on the beach, badminton with dorky matching t-shirts, gathering around a bonfire, family water-park adventures, and enjoying the summer season kicks off our first week's theme: Family Vacation! Starting today,Tuesday July 1 through Monday July 7 at 11:59pm PST, post items that can be enjoyed while vacationing with your family. Be sure to include #sharingsummer in your post description.

Suggested items include:

  • picnic supplies
  • lawn games like bocce ball or croquet
  • cameras
  • pool floaties
  • party supplies
  • toys
  • kitchen gear
  • board games

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Fun, huh? To recap:

  • Post items that you would take with you on a family vacation. While there isn't a limit to how many items you can post,  keep in mind that winners will be chosen based on the number of likes, not the number of items. So be sure to post awesome items that feature high quality photos! Check out our Aesthetics Guide for more tips and tricks.
  • Include #sharingsummer in your item description - we’ll use this hashtag to help identify the 3 winning entries.
  • Want to earn even more credits right now? Share your referral link and for each friend or family member that signs up you’ll both receive 25 bonus credits.
  • Questions? Drop us a line at

We'll announce the winning entries next week on the blog - stay tuned and good luck.

Happy yerdling!