Grief and Giving: The Heartwarming Story of Charles & Emily

emily's father

Every now and again we come across an exchange that reinforces the meaning of sharing. Where giving away and receiving an object can be a transformation. Not all objects are just "things" -- they have the potential to mean something so much more. When our members, Charles and Emily, shared their experience with us, we couldn't help but feel the yerdle love. Here's their story:

native american pendant crop

Charles: "I won a really beautiful Vintage Native American Necklace from Emily Bradford-Sytsma about three weeks ago. This belonged to her father, who has since passed. I wrote to her to express how happy I was to receive it, and to let her know that I hope it will honor her father know that it will not just sit unappreciated tucked away in a drawer. Emily wrote back and asked if I could send a picture of me wearing the pendant, which I was happy to do. I had my hair down in the picture that I sent to Emily, and she really loved seeing it being worn again. 

Charles Pendant


"My dad also had long, beautiful hair like you! I don't know why, but it gives me this comforted feeling to see a man probably around my fathers age, with the same look and hair, wearing his necklace. I'm such a weird dork, but I'm really happy now. I couldn't have asked for a better person to have bought the necklace. Yay! This made my night.

I also attached a picture of my dad, so you can see his long hair too.
emily's father
I'm only 28 and I really miss him still, but this made me feel good. Like I moved on a little bit more. Thank You.-Emily"


Charles: My wife and I were so happy that a gesture of simply sharing a photo of me wearing and appreciating the pendant, and letting Emily know that it will continue to be treasured, really made my week....and perhaps my month.
It is times like this that makes me feel so amazing about being apart of the yerdle community."


It's the moments like this that really help us remember what it's all about. We're exchanging gifts that have become a part of our homes, lives, and even families. Having the potential to carry a story around with you from someone else's life is the beauty of it all. Thanks so much for sharing, guys--this is why we yerdle.