Hello UPS

yerdle-truck-ups-2-600x421 The yerdle community has spoken and we've heard you loud and clear. Yerdlers want easier shipping methods, insights into where their package is and convenient drop-off locations. That's why we're super excited to announce that we're switching shipping services from FedEx to UPS.

The official change to UPS will take place today Thursday, July 17th.  Starting at 6pm PDT all shipments will be processed through UPS. Items that were won prior to 6pm PDT will still need to be dropped off at FedEx. When in doubt check your shipping label to confirm where you should drop off your package.

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Here are the top three reasons we’re excited about UPS:

1. Convenience: 

  • 98% of the country is within 2 miles of a UPS Drop-Off location. Compared to their closest competitor UPS has more hub locations that process and sort your packages. When you ship with UPS, there's a better chance that a sort facility will be closer to you, saving 1-2 days in transit time and saving energy. Find where the closest UPS location is to you right here.

2. Speed: 

  • UPS has many more hubs than FedEx, meaning that items will make fewer detours on their way to you. One of our favorite facts about UPS: They avoid left turns. As you make a left turn in the U.S., you sit at a light and idle. You waste a lot of fuel sitting and idling. With UPS's routing technology and better driving, they avoid 98 million minutes of idle time. We are excited to partner with a brand who is a leader in sustainability.

3. Mission-aligned: 

  • UPS is the only carrier listed by the EPA as a Climate Leader and has taken the initiative in pursuing sustainable business practices. A few to mention:
    • In 2010 alone they avoided nearly three million metric tonnes of GHG emissions while demand and services offered increased
    • In 2012 UPS invested in over 2500 greener vehicles, significantly cutting fuel emissions from their delivery fleet. These include composite lightweight vehicles, electric vans, hybrids and vehicles that run on compressed or liquefied natural gas
    • #1 in FORTUNE’s 2010 Social Responsibility Rank among all eligible companies in all industries worldwide

Check out our handy support center on all things UPS. Questions or concerns? Please reach out at support@yerdle.com.

We're excited to be making this change and hope that you'll find it that much more convenient to ship and track your yerdle packages.