How to Post a Designer Item on yerdle

  We’ve seen over a 100,000 people join yerdle in just the last year. We still have a long way to go to replace 25% of all the new things we buy with something shared instead, but we’re on that path because of you. Thank you all for making this community and movement real. Do you know what else has to be real on yerdle? Designer items.

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We love to see your beautiful items on yerdle, and we also support the companies who make great things. We want to help companies making quality items that last because those things can be shared over and over again. That's one reason that we do not support knock-off items, which claim to be the real thing. Another reason is that counterfeiting is illegal. This means bags, shoes, clothes...any brand name item that you might want to post on yerdle has to be identified accurately. If you have a brand name item to post, we’re asking you to go the extra step and prove it, please! Anytime you put a designer name in your post title or description, please include a picture with an authenticating detail. Now, it can be tricky sometimes to even know if what you have is real or not. So here are some do’s, don’ts, and suggestions:

  • Always include a picture of at least one authenticating detail. For example: an image of the serial number, the logo on the item, or a close up on the quality of the stitching. Be careful though, sometimes the serial number can be faked, and sometimes other details, such as low quality leather or poor stitching, can disprove a well-faked logo. Research it first!
  • Never put “I think this is a _____”. Either do your research and prove it, or find another place to share this item. Donating to thrift stores, or gifting directly to your neighbors is great too!
  • Poor quality materials, sloppy stitching, uneven serial numbers, and fonts that just don’t quite match the brand are always signs that an item is fake.

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We’ll take down high end designer posts if they don’t include authenticating details. Please email the Happiness Team at if you have any questions. Thanks for keepin’ it real, yerdlers!