Introducing the Pro yerdlers!

  We are thrilled to announce our Pro yerdler program! Pro yerdlers are members of the community who exemplify the generous spirit of yerdle. They’re expert yerdlers specializing in both winning and giving items. They promptly pay for shipping, send lovely thank you notes, carefully package breakable items and will blow you away with their kindness!

repackaging3 repackaging

Pro yerdler Sarrah creates custom made thank you stationery using recycled yerdled boxes!

The mission of this special group is:  to share kindness as well as stuff, to gain friends as well as things.

Interested in becoming a Pro Yerdler? Here is a list of qualifications:

  •      Complete a total of 50 successful exchanges:  gives, wins, or gives and wins
  •      No more than 10 flubs*
  •      New Pros are invited into the program approximately every two months

Benefits** of being in the program:

  •      Prioritized customer support from our Happiness Team
  •      Welcome package and other gifts
  •      Sneak peeks of upcoming product releases
  •      Access to a private Pro yerdler Facebook Group, promotions, and giving events

*A flub is a failure on your part to complete an exchange on time.

**Pro Yerdler qualifications and benefits are subject to change, per yerdle’s Terms of Service.

So the next time you see #proyerdler tagged in a post or the star emoji (see below) know that you’re in good hands! Keep on winning and sharing on yerdle and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Pro.

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