Invite 3 Friends, Earn Free Shipping

parks and rec dance Yerdle for Android launched this week! What does that mean? Now everyone can Yerdle! Your sister, your best friend, your neighbor, and even your Uncle Joe can now declutter their life and get things they need without spending cash on Yerdle.

Yerdle has an "Invite Friends" program where you can gift your friend $10 Yerdle Dollars when they sign up for Yerdle, and you'll earn $10 Yerdle Dollars too. We're excited to offer an extra special bonus this month: if you successfully invite 3 friends in April, you'll earn Free Shipping on 1 item in May.


Invite 3 Friends, Earn Free Shipping


let it fly


How does it work?

1. Visit and grab your personal Referral Link

2. Send your Referral Link to friends — here are the 10 best ways to do it

3. When your friends sign up using your Referral Link, they get a $10 Yerdle Dollar bonus, and you earn $10 Yerdle Dollars too! If 3 friends join with your link in April, you earn Free Shipping on 1 item in May.


Here's where to Invite Friends in the App:

invite friends in the app


Full Details: If you invite 3 friends who sign up in the month of April using your Referral Link, you'll earn Free Shipping on 1 item in May! On May 1, you'll be notified if you earned free shipping. You'll have 10 days to snag an item on Yerdle, and we'll refund your shipping. Shipping refunds will be issued by Friday May 15th, 2015. Contact with any questions.

Special Offer for Pro Yerdlers: The 10 Pro Yerdlers who invite the most friends in April earn Free Shipping on 10 items in May. We'll alert the winners on May 1st. May the force be with you!