iOS Update: Wishes unleashed, Yerdle pricing, & free shipping!


***About Yerdle's iOS Release**** What an incredible April. So much good happened with the Yerdle community with tons of decluttering, and loads of #unshopping! We are transforming our relationship with stuff every day in every way. We are so excited to announce that a new version of Yerdle on iOS is live.

Here are the highlights:

  • Wishes Unleashed! Wishes have been one of the most popular ways to shop at Yerdle. So we're going all in. Now you can make a wish from anything that's ever been given on Yerdle. If we find that item or something like it we'll let you know. So make sure you turn those notif settings on. And for fairness, if your wish comes true then we'll cross it off to make room for everyone else. :) Click to read more about wishes!
  • You can now choose to have Yerdle automatically price what you are giving. Figuring out how many dollars a shirt is worth can be hard. That's why if in 24 hours your item doesn't go then you'll have the option to let us lower the price until it finds its new owner. It's the simplest way to declutter and let it go. Click here to read more about Yerdle pricing!
  • Keep an eye out for Free Shipping goodies. If you see the little blue truck it means you won't have to fork over any real cash to get that item. It's for free for real!
  • Easier signup/signin.
  • Touch-ups, polish and wax.
  • Oh, and if you missed it up there ... you can now see (and wish for!) everything that's ever been given on Yerdle. We think this is an important step forward on our mission of reuse - giving every thing another life. As of this release that's 385,221 items and doubling every 3 months.

Please email with any feedback or questions about the update. And stay tuned for upcoming updates to both Android and Web!

Making a wish on a Yerdle:

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