Is the Sharing Economy Being Hijacked?

We started Yerdle with a mission to reduce the number of new things we all have to buy. The reason?

The consumer-minded world has gone crazy. The cost to our bank accounts, our health and our earth are too much to bear, especially when there's a better way.

That better way? Sharing. 

Yerdle is based on the idea that by sharing our goods through swapping, we can get what we need without having to bankrupt ourselves or the planet.  

To bring this mission to life, we set up Yerdle as a California Benefit Corporation.  We recruited a team that had the mission in their hearts. And we've sought out mission-aligned investors. 

As we begin our fourth year of operations, we're thrilled that thousands of items each day move through Yerdle.  But when we look around at the broader sharing economy, we're concerned that the gold rush mentality of Silicon Valley companies is obscuring the bigger picture.  

We need to get more out of every jacket, every cotton thread, and every acre of land if we hope to have resources for everyone on the planet.  

To consider this challenge I wrote an essay with Lily Cole, the actress and entrepreneur who founded  We ask the question, is the sharing economy being hijacked? 

Has the sharing economy been hijacked? Read the article and let us know what you think.