It Began As Spring Cleaning

Sprout M. Transformation.jpg

The reason people begin using Yerdle is often different from why they stay - it's transformational. Here's Sam's story:

Fun little Friday story! I originally joined Yerdle because I haven't spring cleaned in years, and I loved the community so much I've stayed since. This is the result of my cleaning - there used to be a huge set of drawers here full of clothes and miscellaneous objects, etc. and I managed to clear out all of them! I also sold the drawers on Yerdle :). Once all that was gone, I had a huge space in this room - so I made a cool seating area! All the stuff on the window sill (pots, plant, candles, etc) are from Yerdle and so are the pillows/ beanbag! Thanks for making my spring cleaning so awesome. Finally cleaned out all my old stuff I didn't use to go to new, loving homes, and transformed a space to make it more open and comfortable. This is the after picture, I wish I had taken a before. Trust me, it was very cluttered before this picture.

- Sam M.

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