It's Getting Hot In Here

Yet some, especially in Congress, still suffer from Climate Denial Disorder.

Last summer was the hottest summer humans have ever recorded, and this summer looks like it’s going to be a doozy. 

In India, over 2,000 people have died from record heat. 1,500 people have died in Andhra Pradesh, one of India’s poorest states, with temperatures climbing to 116 degrees. This week over 200 climate change negotiators gather in Bonn, Germany to figure out what we should do about all of this warming. Despite new commitments from the U.S. and China, it’s hard to imagine a grand deal being concluded.  

Case in point:  the Obama Administration gave Shell the go-ahead to start drilling for oil in the frigid Arctic. We had a hard enough time stopping BP's massive oil spill in the sunny Gulf of Mexico. Can you imagine trying to stop an oil spill in the Arctic?  In order to slow the damage from climate change we simply have to leave fossil fuels in the ground and switch our energy mix to zero-carbon sources.

By choosing to use Yerdle and reducing the plastic packages, transportation and waste of new items, we’re taking one small step. But we’re going to need governments and large corporations to join us. It’s getting hot in here.