It's Puppy Love: Yerdle + Your Canine

The signs are all there. Your #YerdleDog hurries to strike a post every time you post new items, he rushes to the door to greet the UPS person, and lately he's been giving you puppy eyes until you get him a new toy. Your dog has become a #YerdleManiac and is fur-ociously in love. If you think this may be the case, here are 7 ways to confirm it:

1. Every outgoing Yerdle needs a paw-sitively thorough sniff-spection. 

Colleen M. pup 1.jpg

2. No weekend plans? Here's an idea: Yerdle photoshoot!


3. They woof Yerdle so much, they'll yell it from the sunwoof.


4. Who said being a handbag dog is a fur-paw?!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 2.48.46 PM.png

5. Maternity reading is an of-fur one can't simply re-fur-se!

taco what to expect when youre expecting.jpg

6. "What do you mean you fur-got my Yerdle?"


7. "I can't stop grrrining, that was a yerdling good time!"


If you spot additional signs of puppy love that we may have missed. Please let us know. A big thanks to the Yerdle community for sharing the #YerdleDog pictures that made this PSA possible.