Living the Dream

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What was your latest goal? Who helped you along the way to make it happen? In the Yerdle community we see a lot of people realize their dreams. Abby's dad is living proof that with grit and a little help from your community you can be a happy camper. Here's his story:

Over the past 2 years my Dad has been working toward his goal of living full-time in his RV and traveling the country. He sold or trashed all of his possessions, sold the house, gave away everything else and now everything he owns fits into his 5th wheel. He installed solar panels on the top of the RV, purchased water filtration systems, is working on getting a composting toilet, and other things to make it easier to live “off the grid.” He has spent the summer living at a local campground while finishing up at his job. His last day of work is September 30th and then he is on his own, no job, no place to live other than his RV.

The goal was for him to leave Michigan in mid-October and drive to Yuma, Arizona to stay at a work-camp down there for the winter, until his girlfriend could end her lease on her house and join him out west. Unfortunately he ran into several snags including massive water damage in the RV, and the fact that he didn’t want to be away from his girlfriend for 5 months. So, he will be spending the winter at her house, trying to figure out what types of jobs he’d like to do (he’s been in IT for over 10 years!) and continue to fix up the RV.

 My dad is my hero because he’s doing something that people have chided and chastised him for and yet he’s so determined to live his dream. Even with these massive setbacks he isn’t giving up and is making sure every possible situation has been covered and has a solution before he leaves. He’s going to be able to see the country with the love of his life and I couldn’t be happier for him. My dad has been supportive of everything I do in life – from going away to college, to marrying young, to providing financial and emotional support when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes – the least I can do is be supportive of him in any way possible.

 I got in touch with a girl named Bella Blue through the Yerdle Pro Facebook page and she created vinyl stickers of my dad’s website URL to put on his RV so that way people can look up his blog all across the country and follow his adventures. Bella was sweet enough to include extra vinyls free to charge of inspirational quotes she found on my dad’s blog!

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