Love at First Sign-In <3

Hilary shared an amazing story of Yerdling and decluttering with her mom. She was chosen as the story of the week! Check it out:

"I fell in love with Yerdle the first time I signed on. I've tried all sorts of trading groups online as well as eBay and Craigslist, but none of them have offered the same ease and excitement as Yerdle! I loved Yerdle so much I told my mom about Yerdle, and a week later she sent me this email:

Seriously. I've only been a member a few days, but I've already cleaned off my kitchen counters, which had piles of "stuff" in every corner, because I didn't know what to do with it, and I didn't want to toss it. I've already given away about 10 or more items on Yerdle, and I'm still finding stuff to get rid of. Since I don't want to have any more garage sales, and it bothers me to donate things to thrift shops when I see how much they charge for the stuff, this is a great alternative. Eventually I'll find something practical that I can use on Yerdle, and I can use my Yerdle bucks to buy it rather than pay some crazy sum for it retail."  :)

- Hilary G.

All month long, we’re sharing stories of friends who Yerdle. Have you gotten a friend into Yerdle? Did they become a Yerdle maniac? Have you traded items on Yerdle?