Making contact 101: How to optimize your transactions with fellow yerdlers

Hey there, yerdlers. Winning stuff on yerdle is loads of fun, but getting your "You've won!" notification is hardly the end of the process. You've got to coordinate with your fellow yerdler to get the item into your hands. youwon

Here are pro tips for making your transaction as seamless as possible:


1. Reaching out right away

Starting communication right away is pivotal towards initiating a successful exchange. Waiting to get in touch can send the wrong message to your giver or winner. So say hello! Who knows, you might even make a new friend.


2. Decide same-day: Shipping or pickup

If you're in the same area as your giver and you'd like to avoid paying for shipping, getting started same-day on arranging a pickup is the best way to ensure you'll be able to enjoy your item as soon as possible. If you'd prefer to see your item waiting for you on your doorstep, paying for shipping right away will allow your giver to ship it out immediately, ensuring you'll be able to get your item just that much sooner.


3. For pickup: Being clear about your schedule and limitations

Laying out your schedule and pickup preferences from the jump is the best way to avoid any confusion. Staying quick, friendly, and to-the-point is key. Here's an example of a great way to get the info across:

"Hi Rachel,


Thanks so much for giving away your awesome wallet - so excited to get it! Mondays and Wednesdays between 6-9PM are best for me to swing by and pick it up. I have a car so I can meet you where ever is convenient for you. :)


See you soon,


Amy "

4. For pickup: Choosing a location

As the Winner, it's your responsibility to find a convenient pickup spot that works well for the Giver. This might be their home, their office, or a half-way point. Since they're giving you the item, be sure to work with them to make it convenient.

If you have trouble getting to a suggested meet-up spot, let the other party know promptly. It's always better to be upfront about wanting to pick a different location than delaying the process.


5. Sealing the deal

Letting your giver know that you successfully got your item is as simple as hitting "received" on your item's detail page. Thanking your giver is the best way for them (and us) to know you're happy with your exchange. Snapping a pic and sending it to the Giver, and posting it on yerdle's Facebook page or twitter is a great way to go!

yerdle cat

yerdle kitties are the cutest.


Finally: Response times

Have you ever noticed when you're exchanging emails with someone, the faster you respond, the faster they respond? Keeping your response time high is the best way to keep the other party's response time high. Being on top of it tells your giver or winner that you’re ready to finish the exchange, prompting them to do the same.

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