Meet Catherine Allen, Yerdle Cause Leader

Hi Catherine. What Is The Pixel Fund?

The Pixel Fund is a charitable organization focused on dog and cat rescue. It has headquarters in Maine with outreach centers in Georgia and Florida. It is completely run by volunteers. Their missions is to save the lives of shelter pets through education, advocacy, and rescue efforts. The Pixel Fund is about 4-5 years old.

Did you adopt your dog Rom through The Pixel Fund?

Yes! Rom is the best dog ever. I saw him on The Pixe Fund’s Facebook page for the first time. I knew he had to be with us. It was love at first sight.

He really spoke to me - it was his something in his eyes. We always wanted a dog, but we wanted to wait until we moved into our new house. Even though it was still a month or so until we moved we said: “We gotta get him.”

We live in Southern Maine. Rom is from Georgia. So we didn’t go through the traditional adoption route, which is to go to the shelter and  pick a dog you like. If she’s great, you keep her, if not, you send her back and try again. Instead, we committed. We paid $100 to Pixel Fund and crossed our fingers.

My husband picked up Rom from his foster Mom in the Cabela's store parking lot. It was like a doggie drug deal! Rom was this shy, friendly little cottonball. My husband put him in the front seat and he immediately crawled into his lap.

When they came home I was nervous. I saw his four little legs under the car door and I thought, “What if he doesn’t like me?”

I said “You’re home Rom. Come here buddy.” He ran into my arms and flipped on his back and started licking me. It was the best thing ever. I thought “Yep. This is our dog.”

We love him so much. He’s not jealous or aggressive. He’s not territorial. He’s great with kids, and with elderly people. He loves being indoors and outdoors.

Can you share a bit about your connection to Yerdle?

Yerdle is the BEST! My connection is simply obsession [laughs].

I was completely sold on Yerdle when I saw the whole purpose is reuse and minimizing our footprint as consumers. Sustainability is extremely important to me, so it was love.

The Yerdle Fund is so great. As a Yerdle Member I applied for a $1000 Yerdle dollar grant for my cause The Pixel Fund. I received the grant, and now Yerdle is helping to meet The Pixel Fund’s needs by finding supplies for animals that truly need them.

Items we're looking for are: collars, leashes, beds, towels, blankets, bowls etc.