Meet more Challengers: #Y4M

It’s Day 1 of Yerdle for a Month - meet the 197 Challengers who are buying nothing new, getting what they need on Yerdle instead. There are so many we have to split it across 2 blog posts! We’ll let their beautiful, diverse, and inspiring reasons speak for themselves:

Why are you taking the #Y4M challenge? 

Natascha Why I’m Buying Nothing New and Only Shopping Yerdle for One Year (#Y4Y)
Renata I have too many bills and can't afford much now
Nyomi I believe recycling is a fantastic idea. Yerdle is my favorite app!
Tiffany For fun.
Brigid I mostly do it as is :)
Olga go green!!!
Open I love Yerdle, I am been with this community for almost a year and I saved a lot of money, I got a lot of good things from other Yerdlers for me and for my son, as as single mom with tight budget Yerdle saved a lot for me and helped me to improve my budget, instead of spending money to buy certain items from the store or through away some unwanted items I had in my house, I declutter them!Thanks all.
Paige I need to really crack down on my shopping habits
Patricia Try something new
Pauline I like to expand my recycling in whatever way possible. This seems like a great way to expand the possibilities. :)
Brittney I already make as much food from scratch. I think we live in a very wasteful society because people dont know how to make and reuse on their own
Emily I want to minimalize so I can simplify my life and appreciate what I have more, and to hopefully be able to provide things that I have that other people need.
Lauren To save money for my future!
Polly I would like to be in better health, including organizing my home and getting rid of unwanted/unneeded items.
Portia To help teach my kids the value of recycling and the pleasure in finding a treasure when other people have decided to pass it on.
Rachel I want to explore my shopping behavior and participate in this cool campaign!
Rachel It's not really a challenge I rare buy anything new. I love Yerdle!
Rebecca i need to get motivated to list some items so if I can't buy new I will need Yerdle dollars to buy items needed.
Rebecca It's a good idea. Going to be a challenge for me personally.
Renee To declutter home for more space for my new baby. And of course, make the world greener!
Renee I already get most of my needs / wants on Yerdle I want to see if I can max that out! The hardest part for me will be fighting my couponing needs!!!
Caitlin To help the environment! Also, to cut down on the clutter around the house
Gay Ann Because it's a great challenge!!
Rhonda Because I like to save money and Yerdle :))
Sam While it's tempting to buy new spring clothes at the store, I really need to save money. I love switching out my closet with things I find on Yerdle so I'm hoping I can do more of that.
Kenneth I've been challenging myself to buy less ever since joining Yerdle over a year ago. I have given away hundreds of items, and am actually close to hitting 1000 items. I've gotten so many great things in exchange, for family, friends, and myself, and have throughly enjoyed the process. Christmas was especially sweet this past season, as most all of the gifts I gave were given from items I specially Yerdled for this purpose. Another project i undertook last year: i decided to remodel a bathroom, using only items I Yerdled, except the paint, a light and a mirror, two shelves, and a tub fixture. Everything else, including pictures, a clock, and all the decorative touches on the shelves and walls, came from Yerdle. I also refinished two existing antique wall cabinets rather than let my girlfriend buy new ones. She has been slow to come around to the Yerdleverse, but after i finished the remodel, she ended up loving what i did in the bathroom. Now I have moved on to tackling a bedroom, again with the intention of most items coming from Yerdle. So this challenge is a natural for me, count me in! I've already stopped buying most items and just watch for things i need or want on the Yerdle feed.
Ella Why not?How can I put more money in my Yerdle account?How can I print shipping labels from my phone?
Sara I love the concept of the Yerdle app and I've become completely obsessed with it!! I've always been a thrifty person so this has just taken it to a whole new level!
Sara I love keeping things out of landfills. I am sad when I think about what a disposable society we have become, blah, blah blah....I really just enjoy seeing what people will pay for the wonderful variety of things on Yerdle.
Sara To prove that it's possible to not buy anything new for more than a month, to share my passion for reuse and repurposing existing items rather than throwing things away or buying new things. ...Also because I just quit my job and I really shouldn't be spending money on things anyway!
Sarrah It's time I made it official. I have been trying to (and been successful about not buying any new shoes or clothes) in the past 6-8 months. But I fail in some areas. Hopefully with this April challenge I will be able to do more :)
Savannah To help out small businesses that need our help
Betty Love buying used instead of new
Sarag To cut down on my own consumer waste and I mostly only shop in thrift stores anyway so was curious to see if I can pull this off :)
Jessica I want to spread the love of used but useful things!
Shea Just to be more cognizant of all the crap I buy that I don't really need to spend so much money on!
Kira I am taking the challenge to challenge my mom! She and I have a bet that we don't buy anything new or used for the month of April. Great way to keep the challenge going!
Bella I have allot to offer on school/office supplies, kitchen goods and kids clothes. I have 3 kids all teens and I use to own my own print shop. I'm also in the mist clearing out a 20x20 storage space.
Amrik I love Yerdle and like to give and get things.
Lily Because too much perfectly good stuff gets thrown out for not being used! That's why I love Yerdle! :)
Sharon I try not to buy new anyway, so I might as well have a little extra incentive.
Sondra Because I love Yerdling and believe that I can get what I need (minus food of course) by "exchanging" with others on Yerdle.
Suzanne It sounds fun! I think it will shake up my habits in a positive way.
Surelyne Our society hoard so much stuff that they don't really use yet continuously buy new things to add to the stockpile/ clutter. Do we really need all that?? We are as a family, in the process of purging all our excess. I know that what we no longer need will fill someone else's wish list & vice versa. I am taking the challenge to reduce things going into the landfill and to advocate reuse.
Tami shipping is cheaper than buying new. Aww heck I just love Yerdle!
Tenille I'm working on declutterizing and downsizing this year. I love Yerdle but lately I've loved it a bit too much! I need more going outt then coming in unless it's a necessity. So I thought concentrating on needing to buy necessities for a month would help my impulse Yerdle purchases and help with my overall goal. I have a serious health problem and miss the challenge of work. So I really appreciate and grab onto challenges I can handle.
Teresa I'm taking the challenge because I totall support Yerdles mission. I am a person who works for a company that's also fors s lot for the community and is big on recycling and reusing. I purchase many useful items from Yerdle already.
Terra I love taking on new challenges. I believe that having restrictions can really spring creativity. I'm planning my wedding and I'm going to try to Yerdle as much as I can.
Sean To reduce my carbon footprint, help others reduce and learn to reuse more while becoming more financially thrifty in the process.
Tiffany To save money & I love challenges =)
Toni Because I'm trying to save money for our family to become more financially stable and try to give away things we no longer need, that may be a blessing to someone else!
Tiffany Reuse is so important and I think overlooked. Also, it feels good to give new life to those "someday I'll use/wear this" product again.
Travis Used Yerdle when it first came out and would like to get back into the recycling of items.
Tyna To see how simple a life I can live without buying unnecessary things. And to save for a summer vacation.
Alicia because we are moving, and need don't need any more anything, and I like the challenge of using all reused boxes and packing materials in the move, as there is so much waste generated in moving.
Rebecca I want a greener tomorrow it's great way to explore past treads and not give money to big box stores :)
Mark To see if it works save money
Yukiko yerdling has already changed the way is view purchasing items and I want to see how it can change my view of needing items.
Zoe I have most of everything I need in life and buying new stuff is a waste of money and resources especially when I can put new life and love into beautiful recycled objects from Yerdle!
 Rachel I'm taking Y4M because I think it'd be nice not buying anything new for a whole month!