Meet the Challengers: #Y4M

It’s Day 1 of Yerdle for a Month - meet the 197 Challengers who are buying nothing new, getting what they need on Yerdle instead. There are so many we have to split it across 2 blog posts! We’ll let their beautiful, diverse, and inspiring reasons speak for themselves:

Why are you taking the #Y4M challenge?
Charles I believe that I can find nearly anything I need without having to buy it new by using Yerdle
Adam It's a challenge right? I love Yerdle and tend to find most of what I've been looking for on here anyway. I'd like to see if I can go a month without having to go elsewhere for those items. At the very least I can cut my own consumption for a month.
Courtney I'm taking the challenge because one of my goals is to reduce the amount of trash my family produces. One way to do that is to find ways to obtain the things we need without buying new, packaged stuff.
Liz I've already taken this challenge. I haven't bought anything else but Yerdle stuff since it started since I'm finding everything I need on Yerdle and who can argue with FREE!
Alicia To clean out my home before moving in with my boyfriend
Alix There is too much out there, I don't always have to buy new. I need to clean my stuff out and help get it out yo people who could use it too. I think this idea is great!!
Amanda To help others be able to buy things used.
Amber I think this is a great idea!! I'm so tired of wasting my money on brand new items for ridiculous prices when I can get those items for pennies on the dollar on Yerdle! This challenge will help me save money and maybe even help me change my lifestyle! YES!!
Amber I am taking the challenge because I would like to downsize my lifestyle. I have no need to pay for overpriced goods in retail stores when I have Yerdle.
Alyssa I feel like it could be a cool expirence that in this day and age money is no longer a huge thing we need. That we're at the point to where were such a community we don't need to spend money for everything.
Andrew I want to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and also see if I can do it :)
Andrew To save some $$$$$
Joann It's right up my alley. Being an antique dealer, I am way ahead of you guys. I would put you all to shame. Everything in my house is old, or used. I never shop for new.
Angie It's fun to Yerdle .
Ariel I'm already an avid Yerdler, so taking this challenge is just pushing me a little bit further to reduce my waste and costs.
Arielle We all need to help each other out! Who knows us better then other people on Yerdle. We are one in the same and can find the perfect items.
Maureen To try to challenge myself to use Yerdle more instead of just browsing it.
Ashley Just to see if I can do it
Ashley To help out
Yukiko I don't know what is #Y4M, I join it because it sounds interesting.
Barbara Good start to a new lifestyle and a fun challenge.
Becky For fun and I am also trying to cut down on buying new items so this will help. Plus, I love Yerdle, and I know I will be able to find everything I need on Yerdle.
Daniela Because I have never been able to not buy something new so i want to challenge myself not to.
Shaun I am going to be moving out of state in the fall. I need to start downsizing.
Bethany I am tired of CLUTTER!!! I need to get all the extra stuff out of my house!
Sara I want to help the earth by not creating more than what Is already here. I want to simply my life through having less material items.
Kristie While preparing to downsize my already cluttered space, I am going to not purchase new items that I do not need to survive. The last thing I need to do is spend cold hard cash on things I do not need only to fill the spaces I am trying to empty. If there should be something I just have to have I will purchase it on Yerdle if available. If the item is not on Yerdle, I will see that as a blessing and know It was not meant to be. Going to be hard for me but it is a challenge I accept. I am also going to pledge to list 50 items during the month of April to clear out the things I already have that I do not need sitting around collecting dust!
Brandy I buy lots of used stuff (clothes, furniture, shoes, etc.) so I don't think the challenge will be that hard for me. I always buy used unless not available, then I get new.
Briana I LOVE the idea of Yerdle! Since downloading it, I haven't really bought anything new and have only been buying from Yerdle anyway, so this challenge is perfect for me!
Brittany One mans trash is another mans treasure. This is the moto that I live by
Caitlin Save $$$!
Caroline The United States already suffers from consumption overpopulation and what we are not creating here (and depleting natural resources), we unfairly import from awful conditions in developing countries. I try to not perpetuate this pattern by buying used it reusable items as often as possible.
Casey To challenge myself to focus more on what I need instead of what I want
Casse I already did #Y4M in March without even realizing it! It feels great to spend my money on food, drinks, and going out instead of material possessions. I think it's great to look on Yerdle for things that can improve the functionality in our lives, or things that can spark joy and bring cheer with a second life in a new home!
Carolyn I typically spend a good chunk of my income to buy clothes every month! By yerdling instead I can put the money I save towards my student loans
Charlesette Trying to learn to save money and recycle.
Mei I love Yerdle and appreciate simplicity and free exchanges in life. You give and receive. That's how it should be everyday.
Sandy to push my self to reuse more than i already do :)
Christine for fun
Mike I rarely buy anything new anyway. I love thrift stores and its fun to see what you might find on Yerdle
Consuelo To join all the rest and instead of buying new I buy from Yerdle
Lori I find Yerdle interesting and want to check it out more but time is a challenge right now
Cory We are new to the minimalist lifestyle and Yerdle has been a huge part in helping our family of 4 change our views on "needs" vs "wants". This challenge will help prove to us that we can live the minimalist lifestyle!
Cozette There's enough new stuff out there in the world and I want to help reduce the impact I have by buying new goods. I also am trying to save money for a big move so it'll help me be more frugal.
Caryn Although I've been yerdling and try to reuse, etc., I still buy lots of things online and elsewhere, much of which I don't *need*. Although, they are mostly small items, they add up. I think it'll be a good exercise for me to do this, to retrain myself that I don't need to buy everything that strikes my whim. This will be good for my budget and for decluttering
Christina to help save money
Shayna I'm taking the #Y4M because it's recycling things I love to recycle
Cristina I want to save money
Magan To declutter, promote reuse.
Andrew I don't even have to try to take this challenge because I've been doing this for more than a year. For my job, I only buy things from the goodwill outlet and sell them on ebay. Occasionally, I will visit garage and estate sales, but those seem way to expensive compared to $.79 per pound of items. Never buy new! The earth can't handle all the trash we are producing.
Cameron I am taking the #Y4M challenge to declutter my life, get back into touch with things that matter in life such as the outdoors and friendships (not time spent looking for things I don't need), and to finish my last semester of school without distractions.
Diana To declutter more... And find some cool Yerdles!
Diane I am a shopaholic and I want to see if I can really go a month without buying anything new. I want to see how it feels. Will I feel deprived? What will it take to tempt me from this goal? How will my habits and my life change?
Melissa Because I'm wanting to become more zero waste, Yerdlers have great beauty products that cost considerably more money that than $4-5 shipping. I've already been actively pursuing the #Y4M by not buying new body lotions, facial night cream, hair products/shampoo/conditioner/shine serum. These products I would prefer to buy but are too expensive, so thank you Yerdle!
Dina I've recently redone my budget and am set on paying down my debt as much as possible this year. So creating alternatives to spending money is totally in line with that (ie bike vs car, bring breakfast and lunch to work, go out to eat less, etc).
Megan There is no need to buy new when there is plent to trade for
Denise I love challenges, I also would like to see how much money I'll save by doing this..
Dawn Reuse to reduce!
Dorene I have very little tolerance for waste. It's beyond frustrating to hear about people simply throwing away good, salvageable and often needed items simply to buy something new. I want to set an example for others and especially my daughter. The concept of "new" needs to be thought of differently to live sustainably! I will not even use the phrase "new to me" because if I bring something into my house from Yerdle that wasn't previously there than it IS new.
Emma I was told to via email lol and fresh things are always nice! :)
Emily I have many things to post so moving will be easier and am trying to save money.
Erin I love love LOVE everything Yerdle stands for. Recycling, and repurposing is what I'm all about!
Eric I want to prove to myself that there's a difference between the things I want and the things I need, and that there's really very little that I can't live without. Once I believe that about myself -- and can prove that it's easy to go a month without spending money on what's unnecessary -- it'll be easier to convince others.
Erica For the challenge and because I believe I can find pretty much everything I need and am looking for on Yerdle - in just 2 months it's been amazing! In fact I have #y42m already!!
Lynne Reduce, Reuse and Recycling all my items I don't need and getting awesome items in return!
Esther I already try to buy as few new things as possible, so this was a no-brainer! I hope to find more great things on Yerdle!
Eva Just to challenge myself
Felicity Most months, I don't think I buy any material goods. I'm interested to pay a little more attention to see if I am correct.
Feon I just got married! So I need to save in every which way! I hope to take this challenge to save some money but get things that I really need for my new home!
Eve I need the impetus to continue the divestment of clutter in my house and the reduction of unnecessary spending.
Amy I have a shopping addiction, only for really good deals, but I really don't need more of most of the things I buy. Plus I always am giving things away, and I hate throwing things out.
Julie I would like to recycle more. There are so many wonderful things on Yerdle, my new one stop "shop"!
Cyndi I want to do my part in sending less STUFF to area landfills. Our local landfill is already full and our local government is looking at locations right now to start a new landfill. I hate to see beautiful land/earth turned into ugly when we could all do a little to prevent this.
Geniya Save my Yerdles for something useful
Genia Daughter is going on a student council trip to Disney and she needs supplies
Gina To save money for sure! Repurposing is a brilliant idea!
Grant I am taking the Y4M challenge to declutter my life.
Allison I am taking this challenge because I desperately need to save money and I LOVE the re-Yerdle program! I think that Yerdle has it down as far as being trade based and helping people re-use instead of throwing away their trash that my be MY treasure!!!
Allison I am taking the #Y4M challenge because I know I purchase unnecessary things. Especially if I'm in Target or online. I also would like to keep track of how much money I save compared to how much money I actually spend a month and how much extra cash I will have to save. Who knows, maybe I will continue to take this challenge for even longer. I am going to also keep a video blog and post it to the #Y4M Facebook page.
Mishell I'm curious to see how this will turn out
Shannon I really love Yerdle, it's a great place to clear out space and get cool new things! I'm taking the challenge because I believe in reusing and repurposing.
Lloyd to see if claims are real
Ilana I really don't need anything new - and I love when I can get dressed in the morning and realize that nothing I'm wearing was purchased new. I want to show how easy it can be to change our consumption habits. But I still get urges to make impulse buys sometimes - silly socks, jewelry, etc. But I'm pretty sure what I need/want already exists in the world and is just sitting around in someone else's house. I'd rather share and Yerdle than buy!
Ashley I love the idea of sharing and giving to others and being able to choose things to get in return.
Jessica to reduce clutter, reuse items, and make a positive impact on the environment!
Jennifer To help the environment by reusing stuff other people no longer need...... BUT I DO!!! :)
Jefferson Really I think I have already passed this challenge this past month of March and possibly the month of February too. I hate shopping. My life feels simpler when I have just the stuff I "need". Hating to shop also happens to fit with my ideals that we don't need stuff to make us happy. The other ideal I try and hold, though more difficult to maintain is- We are not our stuff! Too much of our worth is measured by our income, how we display our wealth, and how "comfortable" we are. I never had to have a lot of stuff to learn this lesson. These were values taught to me at a very young age (thanks mom). I also grew up around a lot of poverty - Serious poverty - Sudan, Zimbabwe and Uganda poverty - the pot-bellied, flies in the eyes type of stuff they send donation envelopes to you type poverty. To make a long story short, the gross consumptive culture of America is difficult for me to grapple with.
Tanya Because I Love YerDel
Jessica I have 3 kids a wonderful husband and am always looking for great ways to save money AND the environment :)
Jessie i really want to be buy new as little as possible. i love clothing swaps and help organize them in sf on occasion. i read an article recently about this girl in NY who is zero waste, and it inspired me to be more conscious of what i consume. i grew up wearing my sister's hand-me-downs so am happier wearing passed on clothing items. i'm taking the challenge to bring awareness of when i buy stuff, and see how long i can last not buying something new!
Jessica It's always good to recycle/reduce your carbon footprint! Plus as a young 20-something I have to cut costs wherever I can, especially until I'm employed!
Jennifer To commit to further curbing my "consumerist" inclinations
Johanna Try something new
Jessica I've been trying to do this "unofficially" for a few months, so why not make it official? I have to say- I love packages and I love deals and I definitely love decluttering the house, so it is basically a win-win-win.
John I want to buy less stuff and declutter a ton!
Juliana We have just purchased a house and are currently renovating it completely. This project is a huge financial burden. I am taking the #y4m challenge because we simply don't have the means to purchase new items. However, we need many things to make our new house a home.
Jessica Because it's for a good cause--fun and effortless!
Kara I just thought it would be a great idea! I'm always going out and spending a lot of money on brand new things! It's time for a change!
Kathy It's not even a challenge. I've been living this way for months. I only bought one new item this year and only because I couldn't find it on Yerdle. I've bought all the gifts I need for friends and family's birthdays and Christmases to last a very long time! I've bought all my pet supplies, art supplies and an entire new (unfortunately larger) wardrobe as well.
Kayla There's a harsh reality for me, I have a spending problem. Am I addicted to shopping? I wouldn't go that far. But I do have a tendency to overspend when I do shop. I have very little self control when it comes to shopping and when I see something I like I want it NOW. Yerdle has helped me curb my appetite for shopping all while purging my own items. I love the idea of sharing part of my life with someone else. Every item has a story and I love that.
Kelly To be more Eco friendly.
Kori I love shopping on Yerdle it saves me lots of money and I get to give things so others can put them to good use!!
Chella I enjoy shopping its therapeutic and even more so if I get a deal. I will challenge myself to not buy anything and get my products from Yerdle.
Kim My house is full of clutter! We want to remodel our basement so we need to done size our stuff!
Kirstin 1. Because we're moving to a smaller home and we don't need more new things.2. I believe it's better to reduce my consuming and share than support eachother.3. It'll save me $$$!
Katie We are living in a small apartment and while we still need some things, we would like to reduce the amount of shopping we do by getting previously used items.
Kristing I enjoy supporting Yerdle and participating in the community. I'm committed to reuse and I seldom buy new things in any case. (You know what adults are willing to do for stickers.)
Kristin Save money and get mail! Awesome!!
Krystal I need to save money and this might be the best way!
Kyle I am taking the challenge first of all, because I love Yerdle! The main reason for taking it though is to show my children and family that you don't have to buy new things....there are plenty of used items that can be repurposed or used without having to buy more stuff to pollute the environment!
Lanis I already love Yerdle, help me save money & get what I need with out leaving me broke;)So why not taking the challenge.
Leanne To stop wasteful spending on items that won't be used enough to justify their price.
Tasha I love Yerdle!
Leila I'm a shopaholic and I need to get out of the habit!
Karen I love to recycle! I love to give! Yerdle is an adventure and Yerdle = Happy :)
Loren For fun and to challenge myself to reuse instead of buying new!
Luciana I have way too much stuff and I'm looking to downsize and I'm a huge fan of the sharing economy, I don't like anything to go to waste.
Madison I Saw an ad in my mail and I wanted just to take the challenge!!!!
Mallory Im excited to see if I can really do it!
Manu I am trying to live a simple life for a while now but somehow, the stuff that I own keeps growing and growing. This would be a good way to be more disciplined about ad-hoc purchases that I tend to make.
Sabrina Ever since I moved, I've been spending way too much money. I got a great job but haven't been able to save up much of anything because I've been SHOPPING! But there are things I NEED, that I never seem to get around to buying. Like... more practical clothes, for example!
Majorie My daughter is moving out. Into the city (here-that means SF). She's going thru her things & it really hit me how we've both accumulated so much unnecessary stuff over the years. She's found so many things that she forgot she had-and doesn't want anymore. It made me sad---and stressed. I've posted many things already. I've only been a member for not even 3 months---and already have 150 Yerdles. That's great! But also a tad sad. Why do I have so much? I can do this! I want to do this! I need to do this! My footprint MUST get smaller for this planet!
Melissa I love Yerdle, I love reusing and recycling, & I missed my chance to do the Tiny House challenge. I have a lot to get rid of. The challenge of having enough credits to get what I need will inspire me to pay more too!
Justeen I'm actually doing this mainly because of a horrible experience my family and I had to and still have to go through. My grandpa, who has been the rock of my family and for me personally has recently had 2 heart attacks. One out of the hospital and the other while there. My grandmother also has Alzheimer's which has become increasingly worse as more time passes. They both need special care and needs, and they don't have great insurance to get an aid. So, I'm doing this challenge to save as much money on certain things that are needed for my house or at theirs. In particular, general health items like deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner etc. Also, any items that my Grandparents may need to just make them the least bit more comfortable. Min my household, I've been in need for certain home/bath items as well like a new shower curtain & hooks. The one now Is torn and missing a hook. Even face wash and items similiar to that make it so helpful to save extra dollars. And all those dollars add up to the more expensive things that are then made possible to purchase for my grandparents needs. So, I would love to successfully complete this challenge specifically for saving money for my family's needs. I've found in the past that Yerdle has accomplished that for me. But, this time, I'm going full throttle.
Andi To cut down on waste and to reuse!
Melanie I want to support the community and give money back to the PEOPLE instead of large corporations.
Mauricio Because I live in a small nyc apt and I shouldn't be buying more stuff. One in one out.
Medaline I want to save money and declutter my apartment at the same time.
Michelle So far Yerdle has been my good luck charm. The other day I was thinking, I really wish I had some Capri yoga pants. And what popped up on Yerdle? Some Patagonia Capri pants, in a yoga type fabric! I want to challenge myself in this consumer driven society. Sometimes it seems like people are constantly told to go shopping for new items instead of buying used or getting something repaired. I'm a big fan of used items, especially if they are high quality. In my mind, its worth it to spend the money for a classic piece that will last a long time. In addition, I think I will be motivated to get rid of more items to make my apartment feel bigger.
Marissa I am a newly stay at home mom with a six month old and Yerdle has made it possible for me to continue to get clothes for my son as he grows even with our tight budget!
Marina I hate paying more than necessary for an item that I could've bought secondhand (especially if it isn't a big ticket item that needs warranties)
Jenny I've realized in the past year I've not only accumulated a lot of excess, but I've spent a fortune buying things that I don't even need! I love that with Yerdle, I can get the things, I need: a new skirt, a blender, a pair of headphones, all while keeping the money within the community, like we are all sharing one big household!
Megan To save money and help reuse/recycle!
Monica Because I got super psyched at Yerdlecon
Teresa I have too much stuff! I have been feeling this way for quite a while, and I have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug. I don't want to just throw things away, I would much rather to they go to good use. I think it would be good to share what I am willing to give away with someone who can use it, and earn points towards when I actually need something.
Kandice Sounds fun.
Natalie I am pretty good at reusing, repurposing & buying second hand already. But it will be fun to challenge myself! And, i might learn something new along the way