Meet the new Get-It-Now Yerdle

  Have you ever lost out on a Yerdle item you really wanted? Maybe the auction ended at an inconvenient time, or you got out-bid at the last second? It’s not a fun feeling.

Every time someone wins something through bidding on an auction, on average 17 unlucky Yerdlers lose out. This part of Yerdle simply isn’t working right for our community. While bidding-style auctions were a way to jumpstart the fun of giving and getting on Yerdle, auctions drive inflation, cause people to lose items they want (not to mention sleep!), and make participation difficult, particularly for newcomers.

In the interest of making Yerdle the best place to give and get great stuff, we made the following decision: Auction style listings are going away.

As of November 6th, all Yerdle items will be Get-It-Now — only.

November 6th is the last day you can post items with auction-bidding pricing. After the 6th, we ask that you set all pricing as Get-It-Now only.

Here are three benefits of a Get It Now Yerdle:

  1. No flakes: Buyers pay shipping immediately - when someone selects Get-It-Now, they will be prompted immediately to “checkout.” If they want it shipped, the item will only become theirs once they submit payment.
  2. No crazy pricing: When Get It Now Yerdle goes live, we will remove the 1000 credit cap on GIN pricing. The new limit will be 10,000 credits. We will continue to study the GIN credit cap and make future adjustments as needed.
  3. We help you price your item: When posting, you will see a prompt with a suggested GIN price based on similar items that were recently won on Yerdle.

Check out this in depth FAQ for more info:

1. How does a Get-It-Now Yerdle help achieve Yerdle’s mission?

We envision yerdle as a people-powered store able to compete with any big box retailer, full of reusable items liberated from closets and garages all over the country.  To get there, we have to make Yerdle easy and accessible for everyone. In user testing, we learned auctions are confusing to new members and the inflated bidding make most items unattainable. We hope that by shifting to a Get It Now Yerdle, new people will understand Yerdle more easily, and ultimately, inflation will come down as bidded-up items go away.

2. In a GIN world, how will reposting work?

We'll be implementing one automatic repost after 7 days. After that, you can opt-in to repost for 7 more days. If you post an auction on or before Thursday, November 6, the auction will run its course. However, it will not be automatically reposted. You will need to re-upload the photos and re-enter the item description. If you post a Get-It-Now item, it will automatically be reposted after 7 days. If it’s still available, you will be prompted to opt-in to repost it for an additional 7 days.

3. Is there a minimum GIN as well as a max GIN?

There is no minimum. The maximum will be 10,000.

4. How will I know how to set a Get-It-Now amount?

In the app, we will provide you a suggested Get-It-Now price for the item you’re posting, based on the median price for a similar item. We reviewed over 100,000 historic auctions and have a pretty good sense of what items sell for.

5. How does Yerdle anticipate making the GIN fair to the majority?

We see the Get-It-Now Yerdle as much more fair to everyone. In some auction scenarios, as many as 17 unlucky people lose out on an item when they are outbid. By removing auctions, we are striving towards an egalitarian approach, where it’s first come, first served. Additionally, we plan to strengthen our wish list feature by sending you a Push Notification when an item you’re specifically looking for is available to get. These push notifications are not live yet, but will be released shortly.

6. How will this work with the big ticket items like iPhones that were going for beyond 10,000 credits?

Fair pricing is the best way to have a fair marketplace. Auctions have lead to a situation where snipers and those with a bigger credit balance have had an unfair advantage. One thing we want to support is other ways to build up credits -- either by referring folks or helping other people who have too much stuff and not enough time get their things up on Yerdle. We expect prices to even out, and for credits to increase in value.

7. Is there a new shipping/non-payment policy?

One of the major benefits of switching to a Get-It-Now world is that people have to pay for shipping right when they hit ‘Get-It-Now’ — no more waiting for auctions to close! We’re bringing on a new payment system called Stripe, which is more reliable than Amazon and will enable you to stay in the app. Yerdle will not store any credit card or address information.

We know this is a big change and we want to give everyone a chance to ask questions and be heard. As always, if you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please send them to Yerdle’s Happiness Team at