Meet a Yerdle Fund Grant Recipient: Austin Reads

Pro Yerdler Alice C. of Austin wrote, “Recycled Reads is an outreach program of the Austin Public Libraries in Austin, Texas. The idea is centered on the City of Austin Zero Waste Initiative, which is a city-wide initiative to minimize waste of all sorts. Recycled Reads takes donations from the community and old books from their shelves to sell to the community. They support a bookstore that is open to the public. The funds are used to support Library functions (Austin has a system of 22 locations) as well as a variety of events for community members. The events are typically designed to teach participants about reduction, reuse, and recycling; they include workshops to teach adults and children in the Austin community. Skills taught in these workshops include crafting with old items lying around the typical house and fixing items such as stuffed animals. They often have up to 10 events per week. They are an organization that is supported almost exclusively by volunteers.

I care about this organization because they engage with the Austin community on several fronts – from receiving donations to hosting workshops. They act as a facilitator for volunteers and givers in Austin to give their items and time a purpose. The workshops they host are open to the public and free, which is especially impactful in communities with lower socioeconomic status. The libraries provide a great, safe space for people in Austin to access the internet and learn how to repurpose their items.

In addition, their driving principle is the Zero Waste Initiative from the City of Austin – similar to that of Yerdle’s. I am passionate about the mission of Recycled Reads because I study public health in college, and am currently taking an environmental health class. One of the biggest problems with the environment in the United States is waste generation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States generated 251 million tons of trash in 2012, which amounts to about 4.38 pounds per person per day. This is the highest per capita number in the world. Only 34.5% was recycled, but may more can be; books are a key resource that can be recycled. On Yerdle, books often go months without being won by somebody. Recycled Reads is an excellent program that can repurpose those books while educating the Austin community to repurpose much more.”


Austin Reads needs:

  • 200 books, all types (please post large lots up to 10 lbs.)
  • 200 DVDs, all types (please post large lots up to 10 lbs.)
  • 25 large lots of assorted craft supplies (please post large lots up to 10 lbs.)


Congratulations, Alice, and good luck with your #yerdlefund campaign!

Supporters, when posting bundles and lots for this cause, please be sure to tag the posting #yerdlefund.