Meet a Yerdle Fund Grant Recipient: Covenant House

New Jersey Pro Yerdler Forsam J. told us, “My cause is to help provide professional clothing and hygiene supplies for the homeless youth at the Covenant House shelter.

Since 1989, Covenant House New Jersey has been providing food, shelter, immediate crisis care, and an array of other important services to homeless, runaway and trafficked youth between the ages of 18-21.

Newark, New Jersey can be a violent neighborhood, and it's home to a lot of homeless, runaway and trafficked youth. I believe it is our duty as a community to help these kids learn to earn a living the right way.

The shelter is in dire need of basic work clothes and professional clothes that can be worn to interviews and on jobs.  It is also in need of all kinds of hygiene products.  

I study at Rutgers School of New Jersey and often volunteer at the house.  I can see the change we bring about in each young person's life.  I believe these kids have a bright future ahead, and we need to help them start somewhere and avoid falling back into their troubled pasts.  

I am an active member of Rutgers Student Government. My other main mission at Rutgers is to promote reuse and recycle among all students.  This drive will involve all student volunteers at the school, and we would promote reuse and recycling through Yerdle.  I have been a Pro for a long time and believe in Yerdle, and this will be a great opportunity to introduce Yerdle to a great number of students at the university.”

Specifically, Covenant House needs:

 50 Pairs of Business Clothing:

  • Shirt and bottom sets--business suit, slacks and blazer, slacks and blouse, men’s business shirts

50 Hygiene and Hair Products Packs:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes

  • Soap, lotion and body wash

  • Shampoo and conditioner

  • Deodorant

  • African-American hair care products

Congratulations, Forsam, and good luck with your #yerdlefund campaign!

Supporters, when posting bundles and lots for this cause, please be sure to tag the posting #yerdlefund.