Meet a Yerdle Fund Grant Recipient: Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Pro Yerdler Eve H. from Louisville wrote, “We have a steady stream of refugees arriving in Louisville, KY from many different war-torn countries where they cannot live free of religious or racial persecution. Most refugee families arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs, often do not speak any English and must literally start their lives anew in an often inhospitable country. Kentucky Refugee Ministries is a multi denominational organization that welcomes refugees into our community, assists them with housing and jobs and school placement as well as literacy and life skills training.

I have been involved in sponsoring multiple families through my church, and most recently have collected backpacks and school supplies for refugee children arriving throughout the school year. I would like to change my focus to collecting some of the other basic items that arriving families need.

I feel that it's more important than ever that we help to accommodate incoming refugees. The people who have settled in Louisville during the past 20 years have contributed greatly to the global outlook and appreciation of other cultures within our community. There is a free four-day-long World Fest held in Louisville each year on Labor Day weekend that is considered one of the most successful international events in the region. Many of the people who participate as vendors, musicians and performers are former refugees.

Household goods of all kinds are needed in order to resettle these families into their new homes. These include cooking and laundry supplies, bed linens, towels, clothing, toys, children's books, alarm clocks and toiletries.  At this time of year, warm hats, gloves, scarves, coats and sweaters are needed.”

What Kentucky Ministries Needs:

Kentucky Ministries has a very specific list of needs, including clothing, hygiene and household items. Please click this link to access the full list.


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