We've heard of so many amazing connections being made through exchanging items on Yerdle. We wanted to call out a special Yerdler Melanie Kay Merritt. Melanie has been a member of Yerdle since March 2014. In that time she’s given over 1,376 items. Below she recaps a few of her favorite #YerdleWins this year.

I grew up in West Texas, and there is a particular jewelry company that is really popular there (James Avery). I used to get that stuff as birthday gifts, etc all the time when I was younger. These days, other things are more important than spending that kind of money, but there were these birthstone rings I had been admiring since forever, at least for the seven years I have been a mom. The cost for the birthstone rings (2) with my children's birthstones would have been $184.50. I filed that under "never gonna happen." Then, one day I am looking through Yerdle and a woman had posted two birthstone rings (unbelievably my children's exact birthstones). They looked just like the James Avery rings, and the woman was from Austin, Texas. It didn't say they were James Avery, but I was pretty sure. Nervously, I took the GIN price. When they showed up, they had the distinctive candelabra markings inside that is the James Avery hallmark.I just couldn't believe it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.07.50 PM

I needed a bike for my son, but our finances have been really tight lately, and bikes were a minimum of $50.00 at the store. I knew my husband would say it could wait, and that the gigantic bike he had been riding was just fine, even though his feet couldn't touch the ground. Then I found a bike at a garage sale for $15! I bought it, figuring I would sell something else and get the $15 back and be in the clear. I was so excited, until I took it to the bike shop to get the tires replaced (the tires were totally worn out). The cost would be $15 per tire, and $20.00 to install= total $50.00. I was sick that I had wasted $15 on the bike and was going to have to spend $50 anyway on top of that. Then, unbelievably, guess what showed up on Yerdle? Like new 16" bike tires.

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I can't remember the year my parents bought me a plastic Little Tikes play house, but I spent a great deal of my childhood playing in it. It traveled with us in our many moves across the country. My vivid imagination was always at work, very often playing school with cinder blocks stacked inside it as "lockers." When a miniature version of the exact playhouse showed up on Yerdle from Pro Giver Nikki Pava, it took my breath away. I now have it sitting on a shelf in the kitchen and I am flooded with memories every time I see it. The kids kind of don't understand why I won't let them play with it, though. "Mommy you are too big for toys!

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I still just can't get over how totally wonderful Yerdle is. The three stories above are just barely scratching the surface. In getting rid of things we didn't need, I was able to get clothing (especially replacing what I had lost in the flood), toys we couldn't have afforded otherwise (like Knex), and so much more. But the best part is that it is about so much more than just the "things" we get. I truly love the Yerdle community.


Thanks for sharing Melanie!