My First Week of #Y4Mania

Guest blog by Eve Hiatt, Pro Yerdler and #Y4M ChallengerEve Hiatt Yerdle

I stumbled upon Yerdle at the end of February when skies were gray and forecasts promised even more dreary weather ahead. Any enthusiasm I might have had for tackling the big mess in my office was overshadowed by the dread of tackling the annual tax marathon.

I asked myself, what could I possibly do to kickstart the process? I knew that I would eventually overcome the inertia. I always manage to get those loathsome taxes filed in the end and I always wonder why it took me so long and caused my family and I so much aggravation.


The biggest hurdle is always having to dig through the piles of clutter in order to organize my tax paperwork. What could I do to make it bearable, or even a fun challenge?

Once I discovered Yerdle, researched the concept, and gave it a test-drive, I was hooked. Eureka! I could Yerdle my way through! I started to picture the books, clothes, and office supplies that I no longer needed, flying out of their cramped space to find happy new homes with appreciative folks – freeing me to return my office into a well-organized space and restoring my sense of tranquility and order. By the end of my first month of Yerdling, I achieved the coveted “ProYerdler” status, and was on a roll!

Still feeling pumped about Yerdle when the #Y4M Challenge was launched, I committed to the month of “re-evaluating my relationship to stuff” without hesitation. I must admit that I am a little on the competitive side and love to be rewarded for my efforts, so I jumped right in, figuring that I had nothing to lose except clutter! I gathered up everything of any potential value to others and asked myself if the item “brought me joy” or had lost its luster and usefulness to me. I discovered that quite a few things were Yerdle-worthy and started posting them online.

This is what my office space looked like on Day 1:


Where am I now, after Week One?

So far, I have successfully avoided making any nonessential purchases by “shopping” more resourcefully in my own pantry and office and limiting my trips to the grocery store. That bag of quinoa hiding behind the Triscuits was put to good use in baking “Passover-friendly” coconut macaroons today for a Jewish friend, and the empty Triscuit box became a handy solution for shipping a Yerdled tee shirt to NYC.

Though I’m not quite ready for the “after” reveal, I have paused to take stock of my progress:

  • I have posted 31 items on Yerdle,
  • shipped off 9 packages,
  • won 3 items.
  • I took a box of books to my church’s Little Free Library,
  • dropped off some clothes at Goodwill,
  • packed up a box of educational kits for my grand nephew and niece,
  • shredded and recycled several large bags of outdated financial records,
  • returned several items to their rightful owners,
  • delighted over discovering a lost earring,
  • chuckled at a precious Mother’s Day card made by my then preschool-aged daughter, and
  • lamented at just how many obsolete phones, chargers, modems, cables and printers we’ve collected over the years.

I am hopeful that I will continue to re-evaluate the stuff that I choose to add to my living space, being mindful of the toll it takes on my daily sense of well-being and control. I pledge to reduce the things that clutter my space and keep only those essential for my lifestyle and that bring me joy.

Although far from spotless and organized, the reduction of clutter thus far has made a tangible improvement in the “feng shui” of my office space and brightened my outlook.

Furthermore, I managed to locate the necessary tax paperwork and drop off the envelope of documents to the tax people. Satisfaction!