Naomi's First Update: Ready, Set, #BuyNothingFeb

playroom-messy Hello friends and friends of friends,

So, tomorrow we begin our month long journey. The main goal is to not buy any new THINGS (aka stuff). We can go out to eat, we can get a haircut or a manicure, we can buy a concert ticket. But, I am personally trying to resist those things too.

In preparation, think about the month and think about the times you may have to buy someTHING. I know Valentine's Day will be tough. My plan is to make cards for my kid's parties. I have some supplies here at home, but I may take some construction paper from my son's class. I also may ask a few other moms to bring crafting items over here and we can do a supply share/trade.

I know we all have lists of things we are always on the hunt for. My list consists of: new yoga pants, cute casual hoodie sweatshirt with thumb holes, new mascara, a new curling wand, new pj's for my nine year old, new lunch box for my five year old, better glass food storage containers...blah, blah, blah...we all make lists right? I will suspend my list. Maybe by March 1st I will have a new list, or I will have forgotten about the old list, or I will have become more enlightened and will do away with my material lists all together. Because the truth is nothing really changes after you cross the items off your list. Right?

Let's not be perfectionists, or judgey. Let's just take this one day at a time. If we happen to "accidentally" buy something let's discuss it. I think it will help all of us to hear about what is working and what isn't working.

I also recommend purging your closets right now. Get rid of things you don't like/want/use. Post them on yerdle, save them for a swap. In fact, we should all host a clothing swap that yerdle and Peers are kicking off next week.

Read about hosting one here.

One last little thing that could be interesting. Look at what you spent in the month of November or January (December is always weird because of the holidays). Know what you normally spend in an average month. At the end of February let's look at what we spent and see how much we saved. Money is always touchy and wierd, so we don't need to share all that. I'm very curious to see how much I can save in the month.

Let's make comments below on the yerdle blog... We're stronger together.


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for joining me! xo N