Spread the Word, Never Pay Shipping Again

Hey Yerdle Friends! My name is Rachel, and I lead Outreach here at Yerdle.

Yerdle is a community. We share our unused stuff, we make each others' day brighter, and we help each other tread more lightly on the planet. It's always been our vision to be a community-powered movement — and I'm proud that we took a step forward on that vision today.

We asked ourselves: how can we put our marketing dollars into our community members' hands to grow Yerdle? How can every Yerdler help their friends, families and neighbors get their idle items back into use?

Starting today: you earn Free Shipping every time someone you invite to Yerdle successfully ships their first item. That's right — simply by recruiting someone who becomes an active giver on Yerdle, you earn a Free Shipping credit automatically. It's a win-win-win: the Yerdle community gets bigger, more items go into reuse, and you get your items shipped free. There is no limit to how much Free Shipping you can earn. 

I am SO thrilled that Yerdle will be making this investment in our community. Our goal is that if you do the work of spreading the word about Yerdle in your community and help your friends/family/neighbors/co-workers/school principal* become active givers on Yerdle, you should never have to pay for shipping again.

You can start earning Free Shipping by grabbing your personal link here: yerdle.com/referrals

—Rachel Barge, Head of Outreach at Yerdle

p.s. Who's ready to host a posting party with friends who haven't Yerdled yet? :)  Here's more information on how the new program works

*Anyone can Yerdle. Seriously anyone. Have you asked the grocery store clerk yet?