A Yerdle Story: More Than Just an App

Connie C. from Oregon, had the courage to share with us how Yerdle is helping her cope with tragedy. Here’s Connie’s story:

“In July 2015 my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and it consumed my every thought.

I knew I needed to find something to occupy my mind and that’s when I discovered Yerdle.

I jumped right in, finding things that my family and I didn't need that I could give away. Yerdle became a part of my everyday routine.

I thank Yerdle for helping me through this difficult time in my life.

My dad passed away on February 22, 2016, and I have continued to make Yerdle my routine and it has helped me help myself. I purchased two of the same rings and when my dad passed, I put one on his finger and wear the other.

I also purchased a 'Love You More' poster from Yerdle because my dad always used to say this to me."

Yerdle is more than a swapping app. We value community, camaraderie and relationship. Do you have a story to share?