One month – no shopping. Should it terrify me?

Guest blog by Sara Dunaway-Seitz, Pro Yerdler and #Y4M Challenger Paris

Photo taken on my honeymoon, with a Sony Cybershot digital camera I got for free on Yerdle.


One month – no shopping. Should that terrify me? Actually, it sounds pretty great.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping as much as the next woman, but looking around my apartment, there’s stuff everywhere. Everywhere. Every bookshelf, every table, every open surface has something on it. Why? I love things. ALL the things.  Books, antiques, movies, dishes, crafts, tools, furniture. I can easily understand how people become hoarders, because if I (or my loving husband) allowed myself to go unchecked, I’m pretty sure I’d end up there.

Hearing #Y4Y challenger Natascha Thompson speak at YerdleCon about the benefits and struggles of not shopping in traditional stores for a year really put me in the mindset of ‘you know- I don’t NEED to shop for anything.’ Aside from groceries and life/hygienic necessities, there’s nothing I can think of that I can’t do without. When the challenge to not shop for a month was thrown out at YerdleCon, I signed up without hesitation, knowing that it may not be easy, but that I'm up for the challenge.

So – how does one prep for a month of not buying anything?

I’ve been seriously considering the next month and what it has in store, and the more I rack my brain trying to figure out what I NEED to buy, the more I come up empty. On March 11, I officially quit my full time marketing job in order to focus on my own happiness and develop a career path that satisfies my soul as well as my wallet. I’m blessed with an overwhelmingly supportive husband who works as a high school history teacher, so I’ve already enacted measures to cut back our spending. I anticipate the transition to not shopping to be pretty smooth. I have accepted a part time position which I’ll be starting in the second week of April, but even this new job doesn’t bring any purchases to mind.

The only other significant event on the horizon is the 2015 baseball season. As a die-hard Oakland Athletics fan, my season tickets are already paid for and heaven knows I already have more than enough gear!  For this reason, I am extending my #Y4M challenge to include any purchases at the ballpark, whether it’s additional games, parking, food, beverage, or anything else.

My undying love of stuff is the main reason Yerdle has changed my life.

While some view Yerdle as a marketplace to cash in on free stuff, it’s been my personal purging playground. In the 14 months I’ve been a member of Yerdle I’ve amassed just under 300 ‘gives’ – many of which included multiple bundled items. That’s more than 300 things I had just sitting in my apartment, cluttering up my space. You can’t possibly tell me that I need more things if I’m not even using 300+ things I already own!

So, in addition to not shopping for the month of April, I’m also pledging to post at least 30 more items. I plan on blogging throughout the #Y4M challenge, and I look forward to sharing the obstacles and triumphs.