Patagonia Worn Wear

When is a stain more than just a blemish? A hole more than just an inconvenience? A rip more than a reason to throw something away?

It’s when you got that stain harvesting blueberries during a summer trip with your best friend. When you find that hole in your favorite jacket you’ve had for 20 years. When that rip happened after you tripped helping your daughter learn to ride a bike.

Patagonia and Yerdle share the notion that quality goods that become a part of our daily lives, also become the page on which our best stories are recorded. Each patch, stitch, and stain is a little bit of history and a badge of honor, and Patagonia's Worn Wear initiative wears it proudly.

Patagonia’s Worn Wear program is a way to sustain your favorite article of clothing. At their facility in Reno, Patagonia employs 45 full-time repair technicians that will patch up your damaged fleece jacket for a lot less than it would cost to buy a replacement.

The Worn Wear program also provides in-depth instructions on simple fixes you can do yourself, like patching your jeans properly or unsticking a zipper. No need for a repair tech; you can do it yourself.

By repairing and reusing these Worn Wear items, not only do we add to their story, but we're also doing our part in protecting the environment. For example, a single R2 Jacket takes 135 liters of water, that's enough for 45 people's daily need, and generates almost 20 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Needless to say, Patagonia is always glad to see Worn Wear items going to new homes. That's where Yerdle comes in. So far on Yerdle, over 5,000 used Patagonia items have been sent to new homes where they become part of their new owners lives, adding more stories to their stitches.

Have a Worn Wear story about your own adventure with a Patagonia item you got on Yerdle? We would love to hear it! Share your story with us at Yerdle here or visit Patagonia's Worn Wear website here and click "Submit" to get started.