Play Dominoes to get Domino's

It’s March Madness at Yerdle! Join us and play games all month long. 

Our first game is Dominoes. To play, all you have to do is match six for six. Between now and midnight on Monday, give six things AND buy six things and you’ll win Domino's, pizza that is. 

We see a Yerdle posting pizza party in your future!

Send your unwanted things to new homes and then go find some things you love. You’ll make someone else’s day and make your day at the same time. And get some pizza!

The fine print: This is as good as it sounds but prizes are limited to the first 79 members who match six for six. Six items need to be claimed between Friday 3/4 and 11:59PM PT 3/7. Six items also need to be given (posted, claimed and shipped) to their new home between Friday 3/4 and 11:59PM PT 3/7. Domino's gift cards for a pizza ($7.99 value) will be sent electronically on Tuesday 3/8