Fatten Your Yerdle Piggy Bank: Post Requested Items!

Help others while helping yourself. Take a look in your closet and see if you have any of the following items.

Members from around the country are in search of the things below:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Insanity workout DVDs
  • PlayStation console
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Yoga blocks
  • Rain boots
  • Laptop
  • Luggage
  • Men’s and women’s shoes (flats, Converse, Birkenstocks, Vans, TOMS, Nike, heels, etc)
  • Games (legos, board games, sand and pool toys, playing cards, etc)
  • Blender
  • Wedding items (bride, bridesmaids, mother of bride, etc)
  • Candles
  • Books
  • Crafting materials
  • Sports items (hats, sweatshirts, jerseys, shirts, etc)
  • Umbrellas
  • To-Go mugs