PRO TIPS: How to Give 25 Items This June

Our Every 25 promotion was so successful in February, that we decided to extend the promo through June...with a little twist of course.

When you post and ship 25 items this month, you'll get 1 extra Free Shipping Credit at the end of June! 

Every 25 isn't just a promotion, it's a campaign that ties back to Yerdle's mission, to reduce the number of new things we all need to buy by 25%. In April, we moved our 1 millionth item, with the help of our incredible community. 

If you're struggling to give 25 items, take a look at the Pro Tips below.

Our Pro Members (those who've given more than 25 items and maintain at least an 85% success rate) shared their best practices and advice when it comes to giving your first 25.

1. Post good things and take decent pictures - remember that the Yerdle posting is square so put your picture to the side of the camera so it fits all in a square. - Amanda G.

2. Don't overprice your items. If you want them to move, post them at reasonable prices. I learned very quickly the ways of Yerdle pricing, but I don't think I've ever listed anything for over 75 YRD (Yerdle Dollars) and that was a brand new pair of boots. - JoAnna W.

3. It’s good to not under price items too. You should look at Yerdle to see what items are going for. I know people who regret not knowing the value of what they have. These items are yours before they belong to anyone else and you need to have peace with what you let go of. There have been times that I posted nice items for 1 YRD because someone needed it. It's wonderful to be able to be a part of a giving community of people. - Cheryl A.

4. Take the most awesome photos you can. If u don't use/have a square setting on your cell phone, go to INSTASQUARE or INSTACOLLAGE like I use. I have the square setting, but I prefer the app. Use your collage app to put 4 pictures into one frame. Use your flash. Don't take pictures of dark items on dark backgrounds. Don't take pictures of light items on light backgrounds. Most of all, don't take pictures of an item on something with a busy background or busy pattern, items tend to get lost with the pattern. - Dora C.

5. Give things that you yourself would want. I give designer handbags, designer sunnies, jewelry, DVDs, unused cosmetics, nail polish, and things people use and/or need everyday. - Dora C.

6. Put the size everywhere. Include it in the description and title...FIRST, if your title is too long, it will get cut off. - Amanda G.

7. I try to price things with the understanding that someone will be spending at least $5 cash to get what I list. I sometimes would take a dozen pictures and then crop and adjust them to find the best 4 shots. Thank heavens for digital photography. I encourage people to check my other listings and make a bundle. If half a dozen people bundle 4 items at a time, then just one more item makes the 25. Also, I tend to include a bit of humor in my posts. Not sure if that makes any difference, but I enjoy it. - Mary D.

8. I tagged things with words that could be related to help with searches. I made related item bundles and I shipped really fast. I became a Pro in 2 weeks and have been in love ever since. - Cassie P.

Almost everyone has stuff they’re not using that's ready for its next adventure. Join our community as we keep materials out of the waste stream by reusing. Give 25 items this June!