Question of the Week: How can I take better photos for my Yerdle posts?

This week's question is: "Any tips on taking good photos for my Yerdle posts? I'm not tech savvy and I don't have a smart phone."

Below are a few responses from our Pro Yerdle Members.

1. "Natural sunlight is the best!" - Mandy T.

2. "Natural sunlight, yes, and hanging if they are clothes. Put a white sheet or some other solid background behind them. Front, back, side, flaws is my mantra. Oh, and my pictures are almost always better without flash - they are more likely to show the actual coloring etc of the item." - Amanda B. 

3. "Take pictures from all angles, one of the entire item, one close up, the back & sides." - Veronica B.

4. "Natural sunlight, and don't create a shadow while you're taking the pics! This might mean getting really creative with where you stand and place the items." - Cassie R. 

5. "Do your best to use a plain, uncluttered backdrop and avoid using filters. Filters can mislead. Also, avoid using props if they obscure the item." - Terri B. 

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