Question of the Week: When can I take my new baby out in public?

This week's question is: When can I take my new baby out in public? I'm afraid they'll catch a cold- but I need to run errands. What should I do?

Below are a few responses from our Pro Yerdlers.

1. I am NOT your typical first time mom. We went out to eat when she was 5 days old and have taken her out whenever we felt like it since! She has never been sick and I think as long as you are being mindful of your surroundings it is fine! My mother-in-law called me "one of those modern moms.” - Bethany W.

2. I was a single mom and took mine out in the first week. Just keep the carseat covered with a receiving blanket! - Wendy R.

3. I took my daughter out for the first time at 3 weeks, but I think it varies by situation. I wasn't physically able to get out until then, and my husband was able to run the errands that needed to be done. - Jewely G.

4. Whenever you are ready! Wear your baby in a wrap so that they feel close to you (which will prevent crying) and this will also prevent germs from others reaching your baby. - Hannah R.

5. When you feel physically able, just keep in mind putting a cover on the car seat or putting them in a wrap/carrier on your chest and putting a blanket over that if need be. Then they are protected from both the elements and well-meaning/annoying people who try to touch the baby or people who are sick. If you're breastfeeding, they do have some immunity from your milk. In all honesty though, online shopping/free store pickup options are great. This way you can get what you need without spending hours in the store or can avoid the store altogether. - Marina A.

6. In my book, I don’t see a certain age frame. When, you as a mom, are ready and capable and you feel your baby is ready, go for it. Have fun on your outing! - Melody H.

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