Reuse Halloween Saves Oakland Family $200

I have always been a Halloween fanatic. I start thinking about my costume during August, and spend hours obsessing about what I will wear and what my kids will wear. Halloween has become the second biggest retail holiday in America, grossing roughly $8 billion this year. The average American spends $80 on Halloween, and children’s costumes typically run between $30-40. For my little family of four, that means $230, just for costumes*.

Last year, I took a different approach and used Yerdle. Every evening I showed the boys which costumes were available in their size on Yerdle. They got totally excited about an authentic Chinese pajama set that looked ninja-like and a grim reaper style cape. For myself, I found a perfectly fitting, purple, ahem, “Downtown Madame” costume that I will wear forever. I even wore it to a big meeting at Yerdle, classing it up with zombie face paint. The hubs recycled pieces from his old costumes. Total cost: $28. We were a well attired family, $200 richer.

I believe we can use Yerdle to have the biggest reused Halloween ever. Please join me in saving hundreds of dollars this year on Yerdle.

- Shira Levine

* Estimation made with data from Investopedia.