Share Economy: Free Clothes When You Travel...It's Called Yerdle

free jacket in NYC

free jacket in NYC Rachel talks about visiting NYC and the free hat from Lindsay Bleier that kept her warm.

I came to NYC with one suitcase for the month. I tried to pack as much winter clothes as I could while still having some variety in my wardrobe – some work clothes, some workout clothes, and some party clothes.

That said I remembered my running shoes, but forgot that I’d be running outside. You know, like in the cold. And not like the 45* cold we sometimes get in the Bay Area. This is the 25*, Blizzard Nemo, kind of cold with snow and ice.

On a personal note I have a medical condition called Raynaud’s disease. Which basically means that I have really bad circulation and my fingers, nose, and ears often turn white, go numb, and can sometimes be really painful when I’m subjected to cold temperatures. And so I basically given up on running this month (even though the apartment I’m staying at is literally across the street from a park).

Until of course my good friend Lindsay posted some running shirts and a hat on yerdle. I “wanted it”, and went to her house (met her 2 adorable kids :) and got the clothes I needed. The next day, I step out of my house before work, ran thru Prospect Park and felt amazingly warm and happy. I even snapped a shot at the end of my run (see Grand Army Plaza statue behind me) to show Lindsay.

At the end of the month, my plan is to give her extra warm clothes back, since I’ll be flying back to sunny California and don’t need the extra weight in my luggage either.