Share Economy: Free Scooter Shows How Sharing Works

free kids scooter on yerdle Seeing is believing. At the Hackathon that started yerdle, Adam Hertz brought a kids scooter to show exactly what the Sharing Economy is. Debra Ruben nabbed it and here is her story:

I was at the first hackathon with Adam Hertz. He brought the scooter to showcase the idea we were all hacking on. I didn’t think much of it honestly. My kids had wanted a scooter and thought, why not. Let’s try it.

So I took the scooter home to Burlingame and put it in the garage. As my kids realized what magnificent thing had just taken place we opened the box.and the kids jumped on (not both at once). Smiles, excitement. WOW. and the whole time I kept thinking of Adam Hertz. Here was a scooter he could have sold or done a dozen things with and he gave it to me. Adam provided these moments of joy and laughter.

I continue to thank him. He likely thinks I’m crazy but I think about him ever time my kids love the scooter. Adam rocks. Thanks Adam!!