Share Economy: Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes


shoes Co-founder Andy Ruben let's another man walk in his shoes. Here is his story about sharing them with Siddharth Sanghvi .

Fell for these Clarks only to learn they just didn’t work for my feet. Bummed. In fact they sat in my closet for weeks.

Posted them on yerdle and Siddharth wanted them. I had met Siddharth a few weeks earlier with Adam Werbach. Siddharth runs sustainability for eBay and as I found at out first meeting is a great guy. I was phyched when Siddharth wanted my shoes. I actually couldn’t believe it.

He came by the yerdle office, pulled off the shoes he was wearing and put them on. Great fit. (love the picture he posted).

The finally to the story took place months later when I was contacted to participate on the Cleantech pannel. email from Sheeraz Haji below:

“Andy – Thanks! You will be pleased to know that I had coffee yesterday afternoon with Siddharth Sanghvi, and he was wearing your shoes (which he got via Yerdle of course). So cool!”