#SharingSummer Celebration (Psst There are Prizes)

It's hot and the sun is shining -- it's summertime! Gather friends and family to share the summer joy. What your idea of fun summertime experience? Yerdle is going to help make it happen! Starting today we're giving community members an opportunity to win a $250 gift card towards your summer fun time during the #SharingSummer Celebration, happening now through July 5th.

Here's the scoop:

Each item you post, using #SharingSummer hashtag, between Saturday 6/20 through Sunday 7/5 at 11:59PM PST counts towards an entry to win the gift card.

  • Items do not need to be claimed.
  • The more items you post, the more chances you'll have to win.
  • Posting is unlimited. GO CRAZY!
  • #SharingSummer hashtag required.
  • One grand prize winner will receive a $250 summertime gift card.*
  • Two lucky winners will receive a $50 summertime gift card.**
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday 7/8!
  • We hope winners will share what their summertime prizes went towards with pictures, videos, a featured blog post! Send your #SharingSummer Celebration memories to danni@yerdle.com

NEW WAY TO ENTER: You can enter to win the summertime gift card by using the #SharingSummer hashtag on social. Every #SharingSummer mention on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram counts as one entry. Tells us about summertime adventures you're sharing with friends and family or an experience you'd like to share with them if you won the summertime prize. 

  • Use #SharingSummer in your caption and tag @yerdle 
  • Limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram only.
  • Make sure privacy settings are set to public so we can see your posts.

Here are some examples:


*With a $250 summertime prize you could:

  1. Take a family of 4 to a waterpark or amusement park.
  2. Go on a super nice dinner
  3. Get a cleaning service to help clean up after decluttering
  4. Go to a baseball game and get some souvenirs
  5. Take a family of 4 to the movies 6 times

**With a $50 summertime prize you could:

  1. Go on an awesome camping trip -- s'mores on us.
  2. Go on an IMAX movie date.
  3. Rent a private karaoke room for 2 hours
  4. Play 10 games of skee-ball with 5 friends
  5. Play 1 game of laser tag with 10 friends

HELP! - Promotion FAQ

1. Who can participate in promotions? Which items are eligible?

Everyone! The more the merrier. Just follow the rules and enjoy the fun. Items posted between the specified dates (6/20-7/5), that meet the promotion requirements are eligible to enter you for a chance to win a summertime prize.

2. When does the promotion start and end?

When a promotion is announced, items posted during the dates listed are counted as entries for the #SharingSummer Celebration. Let's say you posted in the morning and a promo was announced that afternoon, your items are still eligible, unless stated otherwise.

3. Do I need to use the #SharingSummer hashtag? Why?

Yes. Hashtags help us easily track all the items being posted for this specific promotion.